Monday, March 14, 2011

A little bit of this and a WHOLE lot of....

This week is SPRING BREAK!!! If you could see me now you would know I am doing the Happy Dance :)

What do you ask, are we going to do? Hmmmm, well let's see:

Stay Up Late. Sleep In

Take My Grandbabies to the Park and enjoy the warm & wonderful sunshiney weather that has been forecast

Hang my new curtains that should arrive on Thursday! (pics to come)

Shop with my daughter for Prom Dresses

Have a DiGiorno Pizza Party for HouseParty ~ shoot some hoops, take some pics and enjoy all my family & friends who come

Have a Slumber Party with the kids and grandkids

Go on a lunch date with my Mom ALONG with the kids!!

Read some awesome books to review.

Go visit my daughter at her NEW JOB!! So proud of her!

Cut my Sons Hair!! My oh My.... is it ever long!!

Cherish the days that my husband is able to take off towards the end of the week ♥ ♥ ♥

Spend time with the ONE who has blessed me with so much. Worship the ONE who is soo worthy of all my Praise. Seek the ONE who, in times of trouble, gives us Peace.

Have a blessed week my dear friends!


The Real Me!

Oh it sounds like a jam packed week full of fun family time. Love it!



Sounds like a perfect week! :)


Sounds like a fabulous week! I'm quitting so I can come hang out with you!!!!!


Sounds like awesome plans for Spring Break! We have ours the last week of March. Can't wait! Hope we have an opportunity to spend some time outdoors for a change. Maybe by then the snow will be melted and the temperatures will have increased.
Enjoy your week and time with your children, grandchildren, hubby and mom! Can't wait to see photos of your curtains!
Peace and blessings.


Can't tell you how wonderful your week sounds to me. Brings me back to days gone by. How I loved spring break with my kids. I enjoy it now with my grandkids as I usually get them for one of the days at least. ENJOY this season in your life! HUGS


Sounds like a wonderful week. Hope you enjoy each and every moment.
Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

Jennifer @ Studio JRU

Sounds like a great week Loren! I hope you were sleeping in when your post posted... 5am is not sleeping in! lol Can not wait to see the prom dress! A sleepover sounds like so much fun!
love & hugs,


Sounds wonderful. I'm happy for you.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

praying you have a great week my friend. enjoy the warm sunshine with those precious grandbabies!

Steph T.

Sounds perfect! Love you friend!!


Enjoy the week out of the regular routine! Hope it is sunny and y'all have a great week. I will look forward to prom dress pictures. That sounds fun!

Girly Muse

I love Staycations!!! Enjoy every second this week, my friend! I love your sweet self. XO


It sounds as if you are going to have a wonderful and fun-filled Spring Break, but I'm willing to bet you don't get much sleep during the slumber party (I never did!).


Hi sweet friend, What a wonderful week you have planned. Love and more love-now that is what life is about. Enjoy your slumber party-I've got to have one soon.
Love you girl.


Sounds like a fun week! We spent some time at the park thankful for some beautiful weather this Spring Break! I am not sure if I have told you yet but your newest little grandbaby is too cute. Enjoy all of your time with your precious family!


Sounds good! You my friend, are a fun person. Enjoy every minute.

Betsy from Tennessee

Sounds like you are having a wonderful Spring Break week, Loren... I love your ideas/thoughts... It's all about FAMILY, FRIENDS, WORSHIP, and LOVE... Isn't that what is important???


Sounds like a fun week! Enjoy!


You have a busy week planned, my friend! Hope every second is wonderful and you make lots of great memories!!!

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