Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Birthday and More Snow??

For soo many people here in Oklahoma, yesterday was the first time out of their house since last Monday evening. There is no milk, no bread, no bacon, and no eggs on the grocery shelves! YIKES! The weather is so bad, not just in Oklahoma, but it's not allowing the deliveries to be made and bring us these much needed items! GUESS WHAT!!! They are forecasting another winter storm that could possibly bring another 10 inches of snow. Holy Smokes!

no eggs!

no milk!

Our kids are out of school yet again today because the snow plows and salt trucks weren't able to get every single neighborhood cleared, therefore, the buses could not safely make it to pick up those kids who ride the bus to school. We are all wondering if they will attend school at all this week with the impending snow on the way! We shall see.....But even though there is still tons of snow hanging around it didn't stop us from celebrating my Beautiful Mothers Birthday!! NO WAY!! Normally we have everyone at our house and cook out but My Mom is one of those who hadn't gotten out so we went to her! I made her favorite chocolate cake and we went and spent the afternoon with her!

Happy Birthday Mom.....I love you soo much XOXO

Isn't she Lovely!

Ready. Set.


They are soooo silly ;) We didn't have any birthday candles we improvised!! :)

Happy Monday...How was your weekend?


Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren, oh! No! no milk, eggs, or bacon~ this is not good looking at those empty shelves, ok something to pray about for you all! And Happy:) Birthday to Mom! She is so beautiful! and that cake looks yummy! so happy you were able to get that cake made! birthday cakes are very important! Will be praying for the milk, bacon and egg truck soon!:)))))!

The Real Me!

Wow. No eggs and milk? Yikes! That's kind of scary. But I'm glad you were able to have a sweet day for your Mom. Cracking up at the candles and the last picture. LOL!
Stay safe my friend!

Betsy from Tennessee

Hi Loren, Happy Birthday to your beautiful mother. She looks SO young.... Glad you could get to her to celebrate.

Sorry about all of your storms there. You need to move to TN. We are getting nothing here--from any of those systems.

Have a great day and stay SAFE.


Your mom is so pretty! Know where your good looks came from :)


Oh all your blogging friends know what goober your mom is! I tend to forget that when you're snapping pics, we could all end up on front page of The Magoos News!! :) At any rate, I so appreciate you all bringing me a yummy cake to celebrate my birthday - I love you more than all the snowflakes that have bombarded us this past week and those that are to come! XXOO


Happy Birthday to your Mom.
I hope some of those trucks can get through so there aren't quite so many empty shelves at the grocery store. I imagine many people are going to want to stock up if another major storm is on the way.

Kathy C.

LOL...the candles are crackin' me up...the faces actually! Your Mom is absolutely beautiful...and oh my goodness, I can't believe those shelves at the store. What did you buy???


Isn't going to the grocery store soooo frustrating!! Thanking the Lord I stocked up really good before the blizzard hit. Can't even believe we are supposed to get so much more this week. From what they say this one will be a little more south, so over here in Jenks we may get the brunt of it this time. Like 15" wasn't enough with another 5 on top of it, LOL!!

I am going to look for your moms email address but in case I don't still have it, tell her Happy Birthday for me and that I love her. Miss seeing her too!!

Love you


Hugs to you Loren, Your mom looks so young-I know I'd love her too. I'm sorry the stores are out of food-we got home last night and ran to get groceries today because we have snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow. I sure enjoyed green grass and blue skies in Ca. but I'm thankful I'm back.
Have a warm week and stay safe.
Love you girl.


You are just getting walloped aren't you! I swear I haven't been making anymore request. ;-) ONE big storm was enough here. ;-) So glad you were able to take the celebration to your mom. Happy birthday to her! She is a beautiful lady...I see where you get your beauty from. Hugs!

Sara G

Happy Birthday to your mom! Cake looks yummy!
We haven't been out much and running out of food. Not sure what we will find. Hope you all get the things you need. Praying for your family!
*sending hugs from OKC*


Your mother looks like she could be your sister, she is beautiful. Hope you have lots of food in, stay warm.....only a couple of months and Spring will be here......:-)Hugs

He & Me + 3

Omgosh Loren! we have lots of snow too, but we are used to it so we are all running fine around here. Crazy to see no milk on the shelves. Wow
Happy Birthday to your beautiful mom.

Beth E.

Happy birthday to your gorgeous mom! Is that her kitchen? It is so pretty.

I hope y'all get your roads cleared and the food can get back on the shelves. I also hope that snow passes over!

I'm kinda hungry for bacon!

christy rose

Happy Birthday to your beautiful mom!!!

I can not believe that you all are still dealing with all of that snow! And 10 more inches coming? The kids might not be going back to school until next month!! :)

Girly Muse

She really is SO lovely. Happy Birthday to her! I'm glad you were able to be together, come snow or high water! :)

Those empty shelves are shocking!!!


Praying your mom enjoyed her birthday, love you.


How did you even bake that cake without eggs n stuff? Those empty market shelves are kind of scary looking. Happy Happy Birthday to your sweet, wonderful Mom. She's fortunate you could get over there to celebrate with her - thru rain and sleet and snow - the mail and Mom's birthday! =D P.S. Chocolate cake is my favorite too!!!

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