Wednesday, December 14, 2011

♥Word filled Wednesday♥

It NEVER fails to AMAZE me when I really take some quiet time and consider all that happened before Jesus was born. Can you even imagine what Mary was thinking? How she might be feeling? On top of all that...Her obedience!! WOW! Truly,it is by far, ONE of the most amazing examples for me.

Then there is Joseph... how was HE feeling? I mean really, Here he was ready to break up, and an Angel appears to him telling him "don't be afraid, and that he was to take Mary as his wife, oh ya... she is pregnant by the Holy Spirit." Can you just see his face? Of course, that is, if he was even able to hear. I don't know about you, but if an Angel appeared to me in a dream, I am thinking, everything else might just be put on the back burner!! I would be sooo in awe that I am not certain I would be able to focus. LOL

You know, I cannot wait until we are all in Eternity and I can just sit and listen to their stories...face to face or maybe spirit to spirit. To ask all the questions I have....To hear their thoughts, their emotions, and just how incredible it was to be "chosen" to parent Jesus. Seriously, I can only imagine the responsibility they must have felt.
Holding HIM in their arms,adoring HIM, all the while knowing, maybe even wondering, in the back of their minds...Something amazing was planned for this child, but what might that be exactly?? Hmmm.

Thank you Lord, for the Gift of YOUR SON. Thank you, Jesus, for YOUR Love for us. Thank you, Holy Spirit, that YOU are with us EACH & EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Praising HIM! Celebrating HIM! In Awe & Humble Adoration...♥Thank you Jesus♥



I have missed coming here sister Loren. Praying all is well with you and your family. I'm dropping by friends' blogs and leaving prayers and at the same time, having my heart filled with your encouragements and all of your heartfelt posts that I know came from Him. Glory be to God! God bless you and protect you always. Love you in Christ.

Betsy from Tennessee

Very nice post, Loren... There is definitely something much much better waiting for us when we die and go to Heaven... Like you, I want to hear their stories and just BE with them!!!!! Wow!!!

Merry Christmas to you and your family--and God Bless You.

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