Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday's Musings

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We certainly did! The Weather was absolutely PERFECT! It was in the 80's and sunshiny during the day. Then later the night and overnight we had some awesome Thunder Storms. When we woke up, it was sunny once again! This cooler weather brought our neighbors out of the house and many others too. Many in our neighborhood were taking a walk, or a family bike ride. We worked out in our yard. I trimmed roses, trees, and the boxwoods! OH MY! I can barely walk .... and bend over, well you can just about forget that! OYE!

We laid out 2 new flower beds and sprayed the grasskiller on everything. Hoping that all the grass dies and I can get plants on Monday! Some Mums and Pansies, along with some Hostas! I will have to take pics and share them once I get it all done!

I made a big pot of homemade chicken (&rice) soup! It Is So YUMMY! My son, Jantzen, has had that yucky sore throat, stuffed up, and just feeling YUCK since last Thursday. There is nothing like some homemade soup to help is there! I am hoping it hasn't turned into bronchitis!!!

I am so excited! I've been going to a new gym to workout. I originally joined bc they were having a weight loss challenge during the month of August. Well, I LOVED working out there so I joined. Can you guess what my favorite exercise is??? BOXING!! I LOVE IT!
This week, one of my friends will be joining me. I invited her last week and she said "WOW, this is what I have been looking for!"
We do different exercises, (ie; riding the bike, doing the rowing machine, jogging, boxing, abs, planks, and the dreaded sled)
for 3 minutes each, then we get 1 minute in between to rest. We do 10 rounds and my oh my, how the time just flies by!

So what did you all do this weekend? Hope it was wonderful!



Yay for you an your new gym membership! A gym is really the only way I can stay motivated to workout. I haven't found one here yet...really haven't been looking. Keep up the good work, and enjoy your boxing. ;-)

Girly Muse

Happy you're enjoying rain and cooler days! Whew, that was a long time coming!

Boxing! Fun! I've never tried it. Now you have me all intrigued. Way to go!

Happy you're back to blogging. Missed you. Love you, my friend!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

you had a very busy week! i'm tired just reading about what you did!

i love homemade soup and the weather is perfect for it!


I'm very impressed with your gym regimen, and I'm glad you are enjoying the experience. I hope Jantzen's throat is much better.

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