Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Word Filled Wednesday

The shopping has been done. All necessary items await to be loaded and delivered to their new home. We are just days from packing up our girl and taking her to begin a new season in her life. I dare not talk, let alone type too much about it or the tears will begin again. Don't get me wrong....I am so excited for her. I know she is going to do awesome. She has God with her and For her....NOTHING is more reassuring than that my friends! I also know that HE has some amazing plans for her. So as I asked the Lord what to share today ~ I felt in my Spirit that this is what HE wanted me to share. I am so thankful knowing the Lord has plans for each and everyone of us...

May we seek HIM and in the seeking may we find HIS WIll for Our lives! His good, pleasing, and perfect will!


Nana's Nuggets

Good Morning Loren~ ok~it sounds like you may be going through a storm!! but~ it will pass, baby girl leaving home, another w/ a broken arm, being tormented by the night creatures!! oh my!! prayers are with you and your family!! God is so Good, and knows all about it!!(in spite of~). Hope this finds things better, and I am praying for J and J!! May God grant you a peaceful and Happy:) Day just knowing that "GOD IS ALREADY THERE". IN EVERY SITUATION!! LOVE AND BLESSINGS!!


So true that He has only good in store and Jenna will reap so much good because she loves the Lord and trusts Him. That would allow me to take a big deep breath too! She will still need you, Mamma!


I'm sure your daughter has this faith that you led her to, and that both of you will do awesome things while she is in college.

Betsy from Tennessee

Oh Loren, My heart knows how you feel. Seeing one leave the nest is hard... But--she will do GREAT --and so will you. I know you are happy for her, but I also know that it's hard right now. God Bless You.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU

She is going to do great things! How wonderful to be able to witness all that is to come! You raised a special girl Loren! ♥


Thinking of you as you all go through this special time of your daughter going to college. How far away will she be? You'll be in my prayers.

My other bloggy friend Kristi has a daughter heading off to college too. Do you know Kristi?


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