Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday's tidbits

Did everyone have a great weekend? We did! It was quite the productive weekend. I got a lot done inside the house and got Jenna's room cleaned up now that she is gone.....I am thinking I may find Jantzen taking it over LOL. I keep reminding him that she will still be coming home from time to time....At least I sure hope she does ;)

I am hoping to get the EEG results for Jantzen today! I called the Dr's office on Monday and they said one of the doctors assistants will be calling me with the results. We also go back to the Pediatric Dr. today for his arm! Woohooo! I look forward to him being able to workout with my at the gym I joined!

This weekend my Mom, Jenna and I are all going to a wedding in Tennessee! I am so looking forward to this trip! I will be driving us and any time we can take a road's always a wonderful time that I cherish! Plus, I think this is one of those "True Southern Weddings" I've never been, and I simply cannot wait!

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Would ya'll mind saying a prayer for my Jenna....she hit that first bump in the road and is struggling a bit....bless her heart! Adjusting to college life is not easy at all! She is doing such a good job at it though! I am so proud of her. Today was her first day for classes and she seemed to like them! She really liked her Comp I instructor! She has always had awesome English teachers, even here at high school! Bet that is why she is such an amazing writer!

I hope you all have a blessed Tuesday! What do you all have going on this week?


The Real Me!

I hope everything comes out okay with the EEG results and praying for a smooth transition for Jeanna.
And girlfriend you better take lots of pictures at that wedding. Sounds like fun!

Have a fabulous day my friend.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU

Hoping for good results today Loren! A road trip with the girls sounds like so much fun. And a beautiful wedding too! Praying for sweet Jenna. Adjusting to college is never easy.


Hi there Loren, Loved reading this post and lifting both Jenna and Jantzen up today-will continue to do so. A road trip to Tennessee-one of my favorite states-how fun. As I looked at your photos on FB and here, it is just hard to believe you have a daughter entering college-you look like you should be in college.
Have a blessed day my friend.
Love, Noreen

Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren~ first I will pray for Jenna! In fact lets just do that now~ Father I bring Jenna to you now~ Father you know all about it and I just come believing now that God you will take immediate control of the situation and bring peace upon the situation~ and peace upon Jenna! Lord I give this to you in the name of the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit! for you to take care of! Thank You in Advance for Answered Prayer! In Jesus Name! Amen. Praying also for good report for Jantzen as well. Have a Happy:) and Blessed Day!


So much thoughts and prayers going your way...for Jenna and Jantzen. A lot to take in when you first leave home for college, and hoping that all comes out okay for the EEG. Can't wait to hear all about your roadtrip to TN...could you believe we have lived there too? I know...been around the world, or at least the USA.

Betsy from Tennessee

Hi Loren, I'll pray for Jenna.. College life can be hard at times.. My 'bump' was the horrible roommate I got stuck with for one quarter.... GADS!!!!

I know your other news --thanks to Facebook.. I'm so happy for your son...

Where in TN?


I hope you've gotten the EEG results by now and that everything is working out. If so, it sounds as if Jantzen may be working out with you.
I certainly hope you have a safe trip to Tennessee for the wedding. We'll try our best to arrange for good weather.


Praying jor Jenna during this transition. And that Jantzen's results will come back with good news!

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