Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cleaning, De-cluttering, and Organizing ~ OH MY!

Goodness gracious, mercy me! I don't know where the days go anymore.....I know it's not like me not to blog but I have been doing some organizing and de-cluttering and by the time I finally sit down in the evening or early morning LOL I am plum tuckered out! I do LOVE being able to stay up soo late and sleeping in. We are such night owls and very rarely do we get in bed before 2:30 or 3 am. CRAZY I KNOW!

Anyway, My husband and I have been working on our bedroom and our Master Closet. It has been quite the task but OH MY how I love the end result! Getting rid of clutter, taking clothes to others who could wear them, and just bringing order into our rooms gives such a peaceful feeling! It is so sad how much "stuff" we let accumulate, but, we have both committed to the Lord and to each other that we are going to do this one room at a time :)

Here are some tips from Peter Walsh of TLC'S Clean Sweep to help keep the clutter from piling up in your home:

Tackle messes one room at a time.
When you buy something new, practice the "in-out rule:" For every one new item, get rid of an old one.
Create intimacy in the master bedroom. Remember that improvements in one room can spread to the rest of the house.
Make cleaning up fun for your kids.
Create a vision for the room you're cleaning.
Teach your kids how to sort.
Use a hanger system to determine which clothes you wear most.
Ask yourself if you really need something. If you hesitate, you don't.

There is also an E-book out from a fellow blogger....Sarah Mae's "31 Days to Clean, Having a Martha House, The Mary Way" It's 4.99 and worth every penny! It's not JUST about cleaning our homes, but our hearts as well!!

Today I will be taking a little break and going to go swim with our neighbor and her daughter..... It will be such a nice treat!

What about you guys, How is your week going? Do you need to do any De-cluttering?


The Real Me!

You know I can honestly say that I'm pretty much decluttered. It's been a long time coming but it's finally at a good place.
I won Sarah's ebook in a giveaway and it IS really good.
Enjoy your chilaxin' time my friend.


WOW..night owls you are! I use to be a night owl, but over the years, it seems I crash at 10 and still can't get up in the morning. I want to know more your secret of how you do that and look so lovely, and are so cheerful after staying up so late. ;-) Okay...not what this post is about, as for decluttering...I TOTALLY understand how good it makes one feel. You and your husband keep up all the hard work, and before long you will be able to put your feet up and let out a *sigh*, and look around with satisfaction of a job well done.


Hi Loren, Great post! I tend to be very clutter in my dresser and sometimes closets-so bad I know but organizing is a great thing to do. I can't believe how late you stay up-wow girl!
Have a blessed and fun day.
Love, Noreen


Good for you on the de-cluttering! Sounds like a Brian kind of project instead of a Loren kind of project!!! Love you!


We did so much decluttering during our move. It changed my outlook to see how much stuff we had just stored away that we didn't need. I try not to let it get that way, it's like a constant battle to stay on top of! I (finally) worked on my teacher stuff that had been taking up half of the garage. My husband wanted me to put it in plastic tubs b/c the other boxes it was in was getting old and worn after storage for the past six years and the moves. I was glad to get rid of stuff. There is still more to do of course! You're right, the results are worth it.

Girly Muse

I soooo need to do a de-cluttering. The stuff can overtake me, especially in the kids' rooms. Feeling that need to get to the bottom of it. Thanks for the inspiration! ;)

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