Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Tortoise and the Hair

I Pray everyone had a Blessed Memorial Day Weekend! My kids have officially begun their Summer Vacation! I know some are still in school for a bit hold on! It will be here SOON! :)

This weekend Our Sweet Grandbabies came and spent the night with us which can only be described as HEAVENLY!! Swinging outside, taking walks, reading books, and the best part?? HUGS & KISSES OXOXOX

I took a walk around the house really early on Saturday and found this guy peeking over the rocks just ready to nibble on some flowers! LOL


Here is our Sweet Rylee! She LOVES to be outside and just ONE of her Favorite things to do with her Papa is to put Corn out for the Deer to eat when they come by! The weather was soo Beautiful... and so is her HAIR!!!

She had so much fun running ....

And Running.....

Oh to have her Energy!

Til' Tomorrow.....


The Real Me!

I love turtles. We have a little box turtle that eats the dead bugs off our front walk. I named him Simon. LOL!
Glad you had a good weekend, we did too. Fun times!!!


Time with the grandbabies.....THE BEST!


Sounds like a fun weekend! YAY for your kids being out of school already! We have seven (including today) days left! Can hardly wait to have my "babies" home with me for the next few months! Funny that you discovered a turtle. Scott found a teeny-tiny baby turtle yesterday. Our kids and the neighbor kids had so much fun watching it for the day. We think we found the momma last night so we set it free.
Was thinking about you yesterday and today and wishing you could cut my hair! Would love, Love, LOVE THAT!'re a little further away than I care to drive so I guess I'll have to find someone else. My regular stylist moved so I'm feeling a little lost and lonely in the hair department :(
Anyway...hope you're having a good start to the week after a long weekend! Enjoy your day!
Peace and blessings.


Oh Loren you are soo right! Her hair is just gorgeous! Best times are those with grandbabies! Glad you had a good week-end! HUGS


It sounds as if you had a perfect weekend. I think Rylee's hair is absolutely beautiful. I really like the color.

Betsy from Tennessee

Hi Loren, That little red-head is gorgeous... Oh how people would kill for hair like that... I know how much you all must love the grands!!!!! I love mine --and they are all growing up much too fast.

Thanks for sharing... Cute little turtle.

Anne Payne

Your granddaughter is adorable! I love her hair :0) Of course, I am partial to anyone with red hair, or even strawberry blonde ;) I love having our grandson come over but I have to confess he wears me out!!! The best are the xoxo's though. His sweet chubby little arms and legs just wrap around my whole body when he hugs. Thanks for sharing the fun photos. Mr. Turtle is a sweetie, too!

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