Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day Weekend 2011

I hope everyone had a blessed Mothers Day and weekend! Our weekend was soo full! Friday night we worked Relay for Life's "Fight Back Against Cancer". We arrived @ 6p.m. Friday evening to volunteer ALL NIGHT LONG with my Son and all of the kids from his school What a great group of Kids! There were soo many people who participated from our Community. So many Cancer Survivors and yet so many who have lost their battle or are in the middle of their fight with this horrible disease!

It was an emotional yet beautiful moment when the did the luminary service. This was for my Daddy.

The kids had numerous contests to raise money during the night. This was a human cake LOLOL

Sunday we had dinner for all of my family and some friends to celebrate Mothers Day. My Husband made us a FABULOUS DINNER and the day was so special.

Three Generations

My Beautiful Momma

My Precious Kids. Our Oldest just arrived home from a 10day Vacation late in the afternoon! I can't wait to see her and our grandkids! I swear both the kids changed sooo much in that 10 days! I have missed them all soo much!!

How was your weekend!!? I pray you all had a Blessed Mothers Day!


The Real Me!

I'm sure the relay for life was emotional. But it's so good that you were a part of it.
Glad you had a happy Mother's day! Your kids are blessed to have you and I hope you told them so. LOL!
Have a blessed day my friend.

Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren, so happy to see that you all participated in the Relay for Life! I am so into this cause, with my BFF is fighting double Breast Cancer! and again I will just say I love seeing pics of your beautiful family! It is such a Blessing to see a Family that loves each other and most especially that Loves God! Sweet Blessings for a great Day:)


Love love love the pics of you, your mom, and Jenna! Beautiful beautiful girls!!!

Betsy from Tennessee

Hi Loren, Sounds like you had a great weekend. What a worthy cause you participated in.

Love seeing the pictures of the generations... Your kids are gorgeous... Loved your daughters pictures (in a previous post).



Happy, Happy Mother's Day to the best mother I know out there! Can't believe I didn't stop by on Facebook and tell you that yesterday! Beautiful pictures of you with your kiddos and your sweet momma.
I can picture you at the Relay For Life, and honoring your Dad's memory. Your love for him lives on in every breath you take my dear.


That was a busy weekend! It's so nice that you and your family are able to do such special community events, especially when you get to honor your Dad's wonderful memory. Great pictures. My 14-year-old granddaughter just walked by and looked over my shoulder at the photos - saw your son and said, "He's cute!" Well, yes, he is!!! =D

Beth E.

What a wonderful way to celebrate your weekend! Relay for Life is a great cause, and spending time with family can't be beat!

My weekend was busy with preparing flower beds and planting tomatoes and flowers. Lots more work to do before our son's wedding in July. :-)


It looks as if you had a wonderful Mother's Day. I think it's neat that students worked so hard for the Relay for Life. They must be a wonderful group of kids.

Girly Muse

I love these pictures. You are all such beautiful people. Sounds like you had an exceptional Mother's Day. It's wonderful that you did the Relay together...something you'll never forget. You're an inspiration to me, dear Loren. Your love for your kids, family and life. xoxoxo

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