Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile

What has me smilin this week??

The Warm Weather and Bright Sunshine the Lord has blessed us with leaves me smilin'

Receiving a note from my Sons teacher "just because" telling me how much she thinks of him and what a great kid he is. How thoughtful of others he is as well as being an example to others. Sniff sniff, makes this Momma Sooo Proud and leaves a BIG SMILE on my face!

Having Wonderful New Neighbors move in next door and finding out they love Jesus? Oh ya!! Big SMILE :)

Getting my hair cut and colored today....SMILES INDEED

Being able to help someone in need, yep sweet smiles on my face and in my heart!

Thinking of what we have planned for this weeks Friday Funnies~ Oh ya a smile and a a laugh ready to burst

What about you? What has brought you a smile this week???


The Real Me!

Oh you never know what kind of neighbors you'll get but PRAISE THE LORD on your new ones. What a blessing.
Those would put a smile on my face too. Well except the color and cut. You know how I love my long virgin hair. LOL!
Have a marvelous day my friend.


Great list Loren! The note from the teacher can't be beat. Makes being a mama soo worth it. What makes me smile? It is all over my blog today! : ) Have a wonderful day! HUGS

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

i love your new blog look! it is so amazing!

Having all 3 of my girls home and all 6 grandkids this past weekend made me smile


:) I posted this question on my Facebook status last night! It was fun to read what made people smile.

Mine was Caleb finding his missing lunch box in his toy box!!! We were both pretty sure he'd brought it home Monday but couldn't find it. So Tuesday he looked at school but it wasn't there. Then Tuesday he found it in his closet.

That's so sweet you got a sweet note from the teacher, wonderful!!

Betsy from Tennessee

Watching the eaglets on the nest in Decorah, Iowa makes me smile....

Seeing our Pink Dogwood bloom makes me smile...

Watching the birds at the feeders on my deck makes me smile.....

I could go on and on...

The Not So Perfect Housewife

Sounds like a great week so far.. and what a blessing getting such nice neighbors.!!

What's making me smile this week - knowing God has truly blessed me with some wonderful friends.


It sounds as if you had some wonderful reasons to smile this week. I've smiled because of the beauty we're finding in our yard.


I have so much to smile about this week too, but what really made me smile was the adorable kitty at the top of your post....and you of course. :-)...see...smiling!


You know what? YOU make me smile! Life was much less sunny without Loren in it!!!

Steph T.

I got my haircut today too! Doesn't it make u feel so much better?? And your son is an amazing kid.Hope you are having a great week friend!!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU

Your blog is so pretty Loren! And I love all these smiles! :) Our sunshine has turned to COLD rain and a good chance of snow tomorrow. Where did spring go?! lol How wonderful to get a note like that from the teacher!
love ya! ♥


Your blog makes me smile! And you are so fortunate to have new neighbors that you love. We are lucky to have wonderful neighbors, too, and it's just the best!

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