Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I get Paid to do this???

Sooo....I told you all I got a part-time job right?

Well, A few weeks ago I linked up to Facebook, read the statuses, and one status in particular Caught my Attention! It read:

Contract "champion" wanted for community Web site. This gig involves around 1-2 hours of work each day from your home. Duties include starting discussion threads, posting responses to site members, Facebook posts, contest administration and monitoring the site for offensive content. Ideal candidate would be a local blogger or someone who likes social media/networking. Must be at least 18 and live in our area. E-mail me with your qualifications if interested.

Some would call it luck. Some maybe coincidence. I say it was Divine Timing and the Lord led me to this post! The site is geared towards my community. It is a "Facebook" of sorts for everyone who lives here locally. Members are allowed to post statuses, share pics, videos etc. just like Facebook. To me, this was a NO-BRAINER! I will be able to write blogs or share posts, featuring soo many of the wonderful people in my community, start discussions, etc. AND I get paid!!! WOOHOO!!!

I went on the interview and learned more about the position, and then.....she hired me on the spot! I am loving it and just feel like the Lord is giving me creative ideas, bringing opportunities of different articles to write! I'm so thankful!

When I started my blog a couple of years ago, I never would have dreamed all the blessings it has been in my life. Nor would I believe it would be instrumental in getting a job! But you know what.....GOD KNEW THE WHOLE TIME :)


The Real Me!

That is sweet! I wouldn't mind getting paid for something I do anyway. LOL!
Way to go girlie.

Girly Muse

How exciting, Loren!!! That sounds like a job absolutely tailored just for you. Thank the Lord! So happy for you. XOXO


Congrats! That sounds like a wonderful position for you and lots of fun! Hope you enjoy :)


That is so awesome!


Congratulations, thrilled for you!


That's our God for you!!


Dear Loren, Oh how excited I am for you; you are such an incredible blessing to me and so many others here in blogland and I know you'll do the same to others in your area-plus you get paid.
Amen sister.
Love you lots.


What an absolute perfect fit for you! SO excited for you Loren!!!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

i am so happy for you! you will be fabulous at this job!


Three cheers for you. I don't believe in luck. You my dear, are just the lady for the job. Absolutely. No doubt. If you can't do this kind of job, it doesn't need to be done. Go forward with gusto!

Betsy from Tennessee

Terrific, Loran... CONGRATS... I am proud of you. Hope you enjoy your new 'job'...



Now that Clif...he hit it on the head!

So proud of my girl! Love, Mom


Awesome! Sounds absolutely perfect for you. The right place, the right time, the right circumstances. You go, girl!!!

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