Monday, March 28, 2011

Firsts and Lasts

When your daughter is a Senior in High School, let me tell you..... "The time flies by way tooo fast!" Experiencing so many things for the very last time can at times break this mommas heart.

Her last High School Spring Break
Her final football game as an Athletic Trainer
Shopping for her last ever Prom Dress
Her final Basketball game as an Athletic Trainer
Multiple Senior Nights recognizing them and all of their accomplishments
Her final Soccer game as an Athletic Trainer

Along with all of these Lasts in her life we are also experiencing Many "Firsts"

Applying to Colleges
Being accepted and deciding where to go
Attending College Open Houses
Filling out countless Financial Aid Forms
Going to the College Greek Discovery Days

I will be honest, whether we are experiencing a First or a Last Situation I am in need of some serious KLEENEX! This weekend alone, we found the most beautiful Prom Dress for Jenna's very last Prom EVER! The very next day we were up and on the road by 7am to drive down to the College she has chosen. We went down to "Greek Discovery Day" to see if joining a Sorority is something she might be interested in.

During the Parent session one of the college advisers told us our #1 assignment as parents is to stop being Helicopter Parents ~ definition ~ to stop hovering over our children.

All the Parents listened and laughed and if they were like me they had to look within and ask...."Am I a Helicopter Parent? Do I hover?"

The Lord has blessed me abundantly with my children. To love them, care for them, and lead them in the way they should go. Each day has been such a gift! I know I haven't always done things perfectly, and no doubt at times I have definitely hovered.
I know letting go is a process, so for now, I am CHERISHING every single day....whether it is something we are experiencing for the first time, or sadly.... the last time.

I am so excited to see all the Plans God has in store for my girl....her Hope, her Future

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11



Hi Loren..,my oldest is in jr. high...and I see how much she's grown up...and becoming her own person. Yet when I look into her eyes...funny how I still see the baby girl she was...and probably will always be to me. Being a mom has taught me love in ways I never knew. Have a great week.

Nana's Nuggets

Good morning Loren, Oh! Girl, you will always hover!! I have tried to break this habit with my 31,35,and 39 year old! as well as "hover" over 4 grands! Guess what?...I don't know if I can break it or not!! I know it may sound a little abnormal but I just so Love them and want the very best and I think I have to offer all the sugestions that they need!(it's just our wisdom)! don't you think?... love and Blessings for a "hovering" Day:)


Oh how I remember all those "lasts" from when our children were at that part of their lives. It's hard but believe me, there are many many firsts to come that are just as wonderful....


What a touching post. So many "lasts" to appreciate but so many, many more "firsts" yet to come. Enjoy each and every one!
Peace and blessings.


I know it's gonna be hard, but at least you know that you've raised an amazing daughter! You're an awesome momma and deserve lots and lots of credit!!! (and maybe a little to Brian too :P )


Awww Honey,

I can only begin to imagine the flood of emotions this year for you and her as well. I understand the whole "hovering" thing, but is it really so bad? Just because we are hovering, doesn't mean we are swooping in for the landing and taking over. We hover in love..just right there...where they can find us, should they need us. You are an amazing momma... hover in and love away...that's what I say. ;-)

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

i guess i have gone from being a helicopter mom to being a helicopter Nana!

Time does go by so fast. It is hard to believe that my baby is 21 and married with 2 kids and one on the way! I am getting old!

The Real Me!

My daughter asked to go on a missions trip this summer and I'm dying inside. I just don't want them to go ever but I know that's not the way it's supposed to be. *SIGH* She's going to be an adult this year and I have to let her grow up. Why does it have to be so hard???
I love the love you have for your family. It is so refreshing to see!
HUGS to you my friend.


Isn't is so hard to believe that she is ready to leave the nest for college and doesn't it seem like just yesterday that she was wrapped in a blanket with her tiny face gazing up at you? Okay, now I'm going to cry! You were so right when you said your life sounds like the story in "Night Road" -- without all the trauma and angst, of course. Love you, too, my friend!!!

Sassy Granny ...

I thought I'd stop breathing when my babes began growin' n goin' ... That was 22+ years ago and, as I look back, it was one of those "Y"s in the road that lead to some amazing new opportunities for me. There were a few years, too, when they returned, left, and returned again :)

Now it's all about the grandchildren. I'm sort of a Rock Star in their eyes. I like that ALOT!


P.S. How wise you are to savor each moment.


You've always been the most wonderful daughter...& then, you became the most wonderful mom. You've loved, encouraged, guided & raised a lovely young lady who glows with grace and kindness. You've always done your best and it shows!! The best is yet to come sweetheart - take it from me!! Love you, Mom. XXOO

Beth E.

Those days do fly by wayyy too fast! Seems like I blinked and my oldest son went from being a baby to graduating college this May and getting married this July...I'm with ya on the boxes of Kleenex! *sniff, sniff*


Hey! Just wanted to say thank for stopping by my blog today. You're SWEET! Did you see the growing out taking place? Was so very tempted to walk into a salon yesterday and but decided to keep at it and see what happens.
Hope you're having a good week. We're on spring break. Not much exciting going on but love having my kids home!
Peace and blessings, friend.

Girly Muse

Aw, such a bittersweet time. I can't even imagine all the feelings. Enjoy every second. It's beautiful that y'all are so close. That will never change. Love you!


Oh my goodness Loren I remember this time sooo well with my daughter and like you I clung to every last (and first) moment. She was my baby and it was all coming to an end. She got married 2 short weeks after she graduated from college (DEFINITELY NOT recommending this btw) and we had been sooo wrapped up in the wedding plans that it hadn't hit me the milestone she was at. When she walked out in her robe at the graduation (along with hundreds of others) I literally couldn't stop just kept coming all the way through her wedding day....she moved 1000 miles away after she married so it is hard to "hover" now, but I still do to the best of my ability. She knows I am a phone call away. ENJOY and LINGER over every last moment and memory, but remember there are MANY more to come...HUGS


Loren, this was a beautiful post that I relate to so well. . .I think a professor at the college my daughter is at said that about the Helicopter parent, too. . .I heard it somewhere. . .I was scrolling quickly down the comments, so I could comment, but could not miss the one from your Mom!!! That was beautiful, too!

My daughter is at college, and is sick today. . .wish I could make her well!
I am praying for Jenna, and all of you!

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