Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dear God, I can't find my......

I would venture to guess that just about everyone has lost something at some point in their life....Keys, shoes, glasses etc. When you lose an item such as these what do you do? Do you retrace your steps and hope to find the item that way? Do you ask a member of your household if they have seen the item? Do you PRAY and ask GOD to show you where the item is??

19 years ago I was a new believer. Something I experienced that proved to be HUGE in building my Faith was when I would lose keys, my purse, my glasses or dare I say it .... even a shoe ~ God would take me too the lost item


This has continued over the years and still to this day God takes me straight to it!

Wednesday proved to be another example of HIS Faithfulness and HIS care and concern even in the little things. We had planned on taking Jenna's prom dress to be altered. I was loading up the car with all the items she would be wearing and of course that would include some high heels. Because I haven't changed out my closets from Winter to Spring/Summer I had to do a little hunting for those particular shoes. I found one shoe right away but couldn't for the life of me find the matching shoe. I looked all over my closet, Jenna's closet, the mud room closet where we keep the "out of season clothes". I LOOKED EVERYWHERE!! I might add, I was on a tight schedule and didn't really have time to be hunting for one shoe! So I did what I always do when I can't find something ~ I prayed and asked God to show me where the shoes was.....

Not 30 seconds later did I find the matching shoe!!

It just NEVER ceases to AMAZE me and bring me SUCH JOY when the Lord does this!! Like a sweet kiss from HIM saying I Love YOU and care about you .... even this.

There have been times that I have shared with others how the Lord has shown me my "Lost" items before and some will say...

Oh gosh! How silly! I would never "BUG" God with such small details ~ OR ~

You seriously ask God to help you find your keys or a shoe? Like I am some weirdo or something LOL

You know what.... I do. I ask and HE shows. It encourages me soo much and has at times, turned my day around ~ from frantic to joy-filled! Just knowing the Lord heard me and cares that much..... WOW

What about you? Has you ever asked the Lord to show you where your keys are? Or even a lost shoe? Isn't it just awesome when HE does that!! :) If you haven't ever asked HIM before.... just know this! HE really does care and loves you enough to help you find what you are looking for! Even a lost shoe!



That's GEAT! I too ask God to show me where to find stuff. I teach my kids to do the same. "We don't know where --- is but Jesus does. Let's ask Him. " : ) Wonderful!


All. The. Time. Well not all the time but I lose things on a regular basis... and I freak out! But then I ask God to please help me... and I go on my way and wah la... there is the item...usually right where I put it... but yep...praying and asking gets me out of a lot of craziness!


I've done this, too. I remember once my son did it, as well. He had misplaced something and he was to the point of panic. I told him to ask God to help him find it. Sure enough, the item was found. My son said, "Hey, mom! Prayin' works really good!" Yep...pretty much the case, my sweet boy!
Glad you found that other shoe. Can't be going to prom with only one shoe!
Peace and blessings.


Miss Loren - you sure know how to hit the right spot! Your post is AWESOME today! So very true! Even in the little things we need to look to Him!
Love you!!!

Girly Muse

We're weirdos together then...but we kinda already knew that, didn't we? heehee

There have been times when I have looked for something again and again and then prayed and found it in the exact spot I had thoroughly looked over. After that's happened so many times, now I pray on the early side!

Love you and your crazy praying self. ;)


What I love about you, it your absolute and unwavering faith in God, and I know God loves that about you too!


Hi there, I do admit that I often will misplace things-often I will talk to the Lord about them. I also pray over parking spaces being available when I need them. This post made me smile my friend.
Love, Noreen

Beth E.

Yes, this happens on a frequent basis in our house! God has helped us find my hubby's keys, his billfold, his money clip, his driver's license, his passport...well, you get the idea! ;-)


You, my sweet friend, have a very special heavenly connection. I'd say keep doing what you're doing because it's obviously working! Our misplaced item is usually a cell phone and we call the number to see where it's ringing from. Or I look in the back yard because Louie has probably absconded through the doggie door with it, whatever it is - reading glasses, measuring tape, knitting needles. =D I prayed for money once when we were going through a rough patch, then I felt guilty about it. The next day, I got a survey in the mail with $1.00 for my time. We laughed so hard about that. Hubby asked if I could pray a little harder next time.


Fun post...and oh so true!! We serve a great big God who does great big things but that same great God also knows the number of hairs on our heads so of course He cares about the small parts of our lives!! Thanks for the reminder!

Diana Ferguson

Love this post!! Isn't God good....

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