Thursday, March 3, 2011

"4" Days, "Four"teen Hundred Miles, all "For" the love of Uncle Bob

Have you all ever been to North Dakota? Do you know how VERY COLD it is in North Dakota?? You know the movie "New in Town" with Renee Zellweger when she is just arriving and doesn't think it is going to be "that bad" outside those airport doors...well this is exactly how we felt in North Dakota! IT WAS SOOOO C.O.L.D!

Mom and I loaded up on Saturday and arrived in Valley City, ND very late Sunday evening. My Mom was born in North Dakota and has wonderful memories of living there. Years later, they moved to Missouri, so my Mom and her Sister would return during the summers to visit and stay with their grandparents. You could just hear the Joy in her voice as she reminisced and shared how much she loved this place and all of her family there! It has been quite some time since she had seen some of them and for me, well, I haven't seen any of them since I was a baby some 40 or so years ago :)

Saying good-bye to someone you love is never easy but being surrounded by those who loved them and sharing memories certainly help. It was so special for me to be by my Moms side and to hear the stories of so many who loved our Uncle Bob. One of our cousins sang at the funeral and as my Mom so nicely put it, "Isn't it wonderful knowing at least one of us has a beautiful singing voice!" LOL It was quite the emotional moment for all of us but He truly did a beautiful job and I know Uncle Bob would have loved it as well.

This community is a close one for sure and tons of people came to say good-bye and to give love and support for our family. Uncle Bob had many friends and some since their elementary and high school days. His best friend was there and shared a beautiful poem about the gift of friendship. We all laughed, cried, loved and in the end, it was just so very special! I was so thankful to have been able to celebrate the Life of Uncle Bob!

My Aunt and Moms Sister Lynette(left) and on the right is Uncle Bobs daughter Pam

Bobs kids Pam, Curtis and his daughter in law Donna along with my Mom, Aunt Lynette and her husband Don

This is a very special group.....Bobs longtime girlfriend as well as two of his very longtime friends. Such a deep bond they all had ~ truly a gift from the Lord!

Family....a bond never broken, no matter how long it had been since they had seen one another, it was just like yesterday. Family was so important to Uncle Bob and he would have loved everyone being together!

I just want to thank all of you for your prayers and love! Thank you for praying for my husband who did a WONDERFUL job as usual while I was away! I am so very blessed ~ Thank you Honey! I Love and Appreciate you more than words can say!


The Real Me!

Okay first of all I cracked up at the clip because I could envision you doing that. LOL!

But seriously, I'm so glad you made it there safely and were able to share such wonderful memories and be around family and friends.

Giving you great big hugs!!

Nana's Nuggets

Good Morning Loren, you so warm my heart, I loved this post! What a Blessing it is to "go back again" even if it is not a good circumstance! You have a Beautiful Family, and it just radiates through the page! May the God of Peace Rule in your Hearts Today!


This was quite a trip we took together, & one that I will always cherish. Thank you my precious daughter for being by my side as we celebrated my wonderful Uncle Bob's life.


How wonderful that you could go be with your mom during this time. You and your mom have such a beautiful relationship, and it extends far out to the family. Love that your mom could share some of her story with you in such a special way. I too enjoy when I go back to where I was born and share with the kids that they get as excited to listen as I do, to share. Sounds like Uncle Bob was a pretty neat man.

Now I understand your night in Iowa. ;-)


Dearest Loren, So thankful you made it to N.D. and back safely and what a wonderful comfort for your mom. Loved seeing the family photos-it is such a comfort to have family around when celebrating a loved ones life. May your weekend be restful and filled with peace.
Love you sweet friend.
Hugs, Noreen


This is neat that you accompanied your mom and heard a lot of family stories! I bet you were a huge blessing not only to your mother, but every one you spoke to!

I love that movie!


Betsy from Tennessee

What a neat blog post, Loren... I'm so glad you got to go with your Mom.. Funerals can be sad times --but they can also be great times for family gatherings... Hopefully, you can sit down with your Mom and get lots of info for future generations... That's the best way to get Genealogy...



Although losing a loved one is never a happy occasion, I'm glad you were surrounded by so much love at your Uncle's funeral. I'm sure you enjoyed being with your Mom and her family, even if the North Dakota weather left something to be desired.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

hey Loren - i used to LIVE in North Dakota! We lived at Minot AFB for 6 years and I can attest that it was so COOOLLLDDDD!!!! I can remember having to wear a hat and a scarf and mittens and keeping my face almost completely covered!

I love you my friend1


Just thinking about you and your mom laughing and crying with all your family members -- celebrating your Uncle Bob -- is so heartwarming! I'm sure you heard new stories that will become family lore and made connections that will last a lifetime! Glad you're home safely. (BTW, I love that movie!)

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