Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day ♥

Happy Monday & Happy Valentines Day Everyone! I tell ya, after 2 weeks of having my kids home because of snow days It is so quiet in my house, I'm not sure what to do....LOL

Only in Oklahoma can you go from -20 degrees to almost 60!!! It is going to be so warm this week and we are all so thankful and so happy to have this snow melting away!

This Thursday will be my sweet boys birthday! I seriously can't believe my Baby is turning 14!! Man, I am getting old ;) We celebrated early as a family because we won't all be able to be together later this week. He wanted to go to one of his favorite restaurants called Tokyo Garden.! Here are some pics of our celebration!

The Owner of the restaurant offered to take a group pic! I LOVE this one!

Don't know who is being silly here....Krista or Rylee?? LOL

The birthday boy! His favorite gift....CASH! hahaha

Krista and Casey ♥

They may be Cousins but they are most definitely the Best of Friends as well

My Sweet Ry

My handsome grandson Bentley ♥

Don't you just Love his expressions LOLOLOL

My MOM aka ~ Nanny and Papa lovin on Bentley

How was your weekend? Hope it was blessed and Hope you all have a wonderful week!


The Real Me!

You are so blessed to have family so close. I miss that so much.
I had to laugh at that priceless expression on Bentley's face! LOL! Classic!

Have a great day my friend.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU

Loren... your family is beautiful! Looks like Jantzen had a wonderful celebration. I hope he has a very Happy Birthday!! Love your shirt... so cute! :) Happy Valentine's Day!

Girly Muse

Happy Birthday to your handsome 14 year old boy/almost man! Oh my goodness! It looks like a fantastic celebration. I love the family picture.

And Bentley...that little face is the cutest thing ever! Those furrowed brows!!! So cute!!! I know you are eating that up!

Enjoy the warmth! So exciting that it's getting warmer!!!

Lots of love to you today, my sweet friend. <3


What a great family pic!!! And how funny is Bentley's expression?! Too cute!!!


LOVE the expression on the baby's face...priceless! haha HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your son and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to you! HUGS

Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren, you have the prettiest family! and that baby is so cute! that first photo said I am Special!! LOL! Happy birthday to your son, He is so cute! Happy:) "V" day to you! I know it will be sweet with a precious family that you have!


Your family is precious.

Sara G

Happy Birthday to your son! Thanks for the great family pics. Happy Valentine's Day!! May you have a wonderful week of warm weather!!


Hi there, Happy Valentine's Day to you dear friend. Birthday wishes to your boy, a handsome fellow! Loved seeing everyone and the look on Bentley's face-so priceless. We've warmed up too and our snow has melted-thankfully for it puts hubby in a much better mood.
Hugs and lots of love.


Happy Valentine's Day, Loren! Weekend was great! Had a really awesome community wide United '11 DNow for the youth. Hubby and I were at the house by ourself on Friday and Saturday nights. Have a great evening and great week!


Oh my, I just realized your son is the same age as my granddaughter. Feelin' older by the minute here! =D Your Mom and Dad look so young. How? How do they do it? I want details! Bentley's expression says something like, "I'm not ready to wake up ... I don't care what the special occasion is!" Happy Valentine's Day to you and all your sweethearts, Loren!!! (P.S. Glad you're getting some warmer temps!)


You have a beautiful family. You don't look like a Grandma and your parent's do not look like great-grandparents!
Happy Birthday to your son!!!
Peace and blessings.

Steph T.

OH my goodness I love that first one of Bently..His little expressions are adorable!! LOL!!!
Tell ur sweet boy Happy Birthday!
Love the group shot...good one!

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