Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Health Challenge

I am so blessed to live where I do. It is a small town that has grown considerably in the last 10 years but it still has the small town feel. We have excellent schools and the community is just amazing. My Husband has lived here since he was in Kindergarten! There was only 1 elementary when he was in school and now there are Eight Elementaries!! WOW Anyway...Focus Loren ;) Focus

I heard about this thing called the Winter health challenge and have decided to join in! We met last week for the first time! Our Family doesn't watch much TV but one show we do not miss is BIGGEST Loser Well, the speaker last Thursday evening was Season 8 winner Danny Cahill. He lives in a town about 15 minutes from us and was invited to be the guest speaker. Also on the Season 8 was Sean Algier. Sean works at the Church that is Hosting the Winter Health Challenge. So Sean and Danny have remained friends and let me tell ya, these two are funny!! Danny shared some great tips and was full of encouragement.

Some of the hi-lites that Danny shared were:

Lose your Quit! - what have you given up on? Why are you ok with quitting? Say good-bye to quitting and Press On!
Lose your Regrets! - Don't live your life regretting the past...learn from the mistakes and move on! Stop looking back!
Lose your Lies! - Do you believe the lies the enemy tells you? The Lies you tell yourself? The lies others tell you? STOP IT! Listen to what and who God says you are!
Find your Why!!- Why do you want to accomplish the goal you have set ?? When you find your "why" set it before you to remind yourself of the goal...your inspiration to continue on !!

I am really excited to do this Winter Challenge! My friend Stephanie from StephTmomof3 is my accountability partner! In doing the health challenge we are given opportunities to go work out at many of the gyms for FREE. I NEVER realized how many work out facilities we have but goodness gracious it is ALOT! I can't wait to see which one we like. My husband is doing this as well so I can't wait to go work out together! WOOHOO

WHO KNOWS.....Maybe I can look as good as Danny does once he lost all his weight? LOL



So exciting! I love the Biggest Loser! We are thinking of doing something like that at our church...keep giving us updates!


Yay Loren! Good for you! That would have been so much fun to go hear him speak!!!


Good morning sweet friend, I pray this finds you well. Loved this post and the challenge-mainly to just get healthy(which I'm trying to do after this yucky cold but feeling pretty good). I so wish we lived close to each other-we'd have a blast. It is -13 here this am, hopefully you aren't as cold. Have three of the grands coming over for a couple of hours.
Hugs today,


Dear Loren,
This is a great post and so encouraging. I am hoping and praying that you have great results.



Spending the morning catching up on my favorite blogs. What a fun baby shower for your almost-here grandson. The photos of your mom, Krista, Rylee and Jenna were all beautiful. I haven't seen too many photos of you...but you look like your mom.
Is the winter challenge just a local thing or is it broader than that? Just wondering.
Hope you're having a great week.
Peace and blessings to your day!


So glad you are getting to do this. I wanted to come and join in since I am in Owasso at practice most Thursday nights anyway. I just couldn't get the workouts in in Owasso or meet with a group all the time. Steph sent me the info, and I was sad I couldn't join in!! You are going to be skinny mini in no time!!

Love you


This is great, Loren! Yes, I want to read updates, too. Thank you for your comments to me.


Great post! Charlotte and I just got home from our workout at the gym. We have been going four days a week since the first of October. Charlotte attends a class and some days nobody comes. Today, she was the only one there until a lady who is visiting from out of town showed up. There were just two of them. That is discouraging but Charlotte is hanging in there. I work out on my own for an hour. Keep going. I wish I had started when I was your age but I don't have time to worry about that now.

Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren, as we speak I am on my way to Curves to do my work-out, got behind during Holidays! thanks for the cheer-On! PS~ give-a-way today! Don't miss this blessing! Love ya! girl! Keep Going!!


Thanks for this encouraging and challenging post, My plans to start fresh this new year were put on hold due to a bout with vertigo, and then getting snowed in. Hey am I looking for excuses here? lol. Good Luck Loren, you always inspire me to reach a little higher. Hugs,

Steph T.

Girl!! We are gonna rock this Challenge! how are you doing? We need to get a plan down & see how we want to keep each other accountable. Be praying about it & let me know. We can text or whatever works. I need you to push me hard girl!! Don't be afraid!! Let's get healthy for Jesus!!
Love you!


What a great idea. You must let us know how you get on. Goodness the weight Danny lost is amazing. He looks like a different person.


Hi there! loved reading of your challenge and getting healthy and I pray much success for you and a year of great blessings!!!

Praying for you...BIG HUGS!


You are going to be the fitness queen in 20ll,I just know it! I'm impressed with your zeal and believe in you, my precious friend!


Awesome ... good for you! Do a sit up for me, will ya? =D

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