Friday, January 14, 2011


I am an UGG Freak...gotta have em and I wear them pretty much every single day in the winter! It has been extremely cold this week. Down in the single digits!! BRRRR. I seriously don't know what I would do without them! I saw this on FB this past week and just had to laugh.(and share it with you all) This is definitely NOT a vaccine for me ;) nor is it one I would recommend for anyone! Just ask Lori Sabin....she knows that UGGS are the only way to go...right Lori!!

Hope you have a day filled with laughter and joy! Join Kim for more laughs.....Enjoy

Love you all


Nana's Nuggets

Oh! Loren, only you could pick this, this commercial is so funny, I have never seen anything like this on boots of all things, This is toooo cute! will definately show this to my daughter, she will laugh!:) How could anything get more serious than these gals! Loved It!


I'll admit, I never understood the attraction to Uggs. My sis loves them. Maybe I have just a natural bit of uggcitrin already in my system - ha! This was so very funny! Love the bit about starbucks... and cervical cancer. I think i should watch it again :)


Really cute! This week of being iced/snowed in has taught me that as a southern girl
I don't have any warm/water proof shoes!!!!!

Enjoy your weekend. Sending hugs and love,


My husband is sitting at the kitchen table as I'm reading / listening to blogs. He was giggling over the UGG video and when the woman said at the end how comfortable they are my husband said, "They really do look like they're comfortable." So why, then, don't I have a pair?

(thanks for visiting my blog today and for your beautiful comment)

Peace and blessings to your day!


There are a few things that are always consistent on your, thankfulness, and FUNNIES. Laughing this morning...feels good. I have got to email you a funny today. Thanks for filling my life with joy, reminding me to look around and be thankful, and remembering to pause and laugh.

Love ya lady...hope hubby is home with you again.

Retired English Teacher

This was just too cute. I, of course, have on my UGG slippers to keep my feet warm. My husband bought me a spare pair for these wear out. He has gone through two pair himself.

Yesterday, it was very frigid here so I wore my UGGs to the gym. I was going in the water, so I didn't need tennis shoes. I do have to say that I felt like I did have elephant feet though. :)


Oh Loren, this is so funny. I have been tempted to get me a pair and now I certainly won't be able to resist!

The Real Me!

OH that is so funny. There does seem to be an epidemic on our hands. LOL!
Have a good one sister friend.


Thanks for sharing this. It's very funny and cute.


Our youngest daughter just got her first pair of Uggs for Christmas -- she will love this! What a hoot!!!


This is a scream! I live near a major university and I should be an UGG Sales rep!!!

Beth E.

I've never worn UGG boots, but this totally cracked me up! Too funny!

Girly Muse

Hahahahaha, this is so great. We are way too far gone, aren't we!!! I had to learn the hard way, but UGGs really are the way to go. :) I will pull them out and wear them with my fancy dresses this week, if I have to. Comfort is key. :)

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