Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reading Plans ~ Got one?

LifeChurch.TV is an Amazing Church. Craig Groeschel is an amazing Pastor. Besides being an amazing man of God as well as an amazing Author and Teacher he has created an online Bible Reading tool that allows us to have Gods Word at our Fingertips at any time of the day! Not only can you read Gods Word but you can CHOOSE a reading plan that best suits you! Or if you want to add in a reading plan for a further in depth study you can do that as well! There are apps for your cell phone, IPad, Nook, Kindle you name it pretty much you can download it :)

I know for me, If I don't have a plan it is far too easy to get off track and I hate that! With YouVersion you can keep notes, or email a verse to someone if you feel the Lord prompting you to share HIs Word with them! You can even Hi-lite a verse for yourself if you want to, isn't that AWESOME!!

If you want to check it out and start your own reading plan go here and begin TODAY :)

May Gods Word Breathe Life into you today :) Love you all



Thanks for posting this. I actually went through the various plans and picked one! Yay!
I'm going to read the Essential Jesus plan.


Can you believe how many plans there are now. When I first got youversion there were only a few!! I love it!!


Thank you for posting this. I'm downloading the app for my iPad as I write this.


I actually just started the 90-day challenge to read through the whole Bible over at Mom'sToolbox Blog. It's a heavy order each day, and while I am nervous about those big chunks of passages through books like Leviticus, Numbers and Lamentations, I think it will be good. It is definitely a different approach, but it certainly builds discipline!

Steph T.

I promise I am not a copy cat!! I was gonna blog about this exact thing in a minute so when you see it on my blog...just roll with it!! Had your sweet boy in class today!! :) I just started the Chronological reading plan on it!!!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

i loved his book - the Christian Athiest - and still can't get over that it is YOUR pastor!

love you!


I signed up for YouVersion over the weekend after our Pastor talked about it on Sunday. Have you signed up? Would love for you to follow me over there. My username is BarbieS!


My daughter just got a Nook. I'll let her know about the app. Thanks!

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