Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I am so excited about this weeks JOY post! If you ever want to jump in and spread your own JOY please do! Just visit Angel here

I am overflowing with JOY because:

This past weekend my Niece Bailey was baptized! She accepted Christ this past summer while attending church camp and was just beside herself so excited to be baptized!

Joanne has had some wonderful and encouraging test results and is starting the process of waking up! God is sooo good isn't HE!

My honey came home from round 1 of the Business trips he has to take. The next one will take him away for a week but we are just so thankful for his job.

The new series we are doing @ Church has been soooo good! It's called QUIT....Quit complaining was this weeks lesson and WOW it is so amazing when you really set your mind to speaking positively. Allowing the Holy Spirit to awaken you to this has been really good! There truly is Life and Death in your tongue!

I am LOVING my IPAD. My most recent love comes from using the Kindle app. I can read any E-books on my IPAD and it is sooo awesome. In Color and they are arranged in Alphabetical order. Soooo Awesome for sure!

My grandbabies will be coming over in the next couple of days and I cannot wait to see them! Since Krista had a C-section she has been staying home and recovering but is doing much better and is ready to get out and about! Sooo.... to Noni and Papa's house they go ♥ PURE JOY :)

Today I will be going to the dentist to get a filling done. While this isn't a joyful thing I guess I can say I AM thankful they found it before it went any further and could have been a root canal right ;) LOL

Yesterday I shared about all the new Fonts we have to choose is too much fun! I just might change it everyday :)

What about you? What is bringing you JOY this week??



Enjoy your baby & visits.

Have a beautiful day ... here.


The Real Me!

Only you could find joy in a filling my friend. LOL!
So excited that Joanne is improving. What an answer to prayers!
Love your heart and I'm joyful for your friendship!


That is some serious JOY you've got goin' on! YAY for you!
My JOYs this week is that experimenting at a new church has me in two new Bible studies and making new friends! I get to have lunch today with my mom and dad. AND...I think I'm going to treat myself to a manicure today...just for the JOY of it!
Peace and blessings to your day!

christy rose

Sounds like your week is going very well!! Your post made me smile several times. I could feel your excitement in your words. :) Thanks for that!
It is such a joy to experience others' happiness and excitement about life!! :)


what a joyful post! for me...there's joy in knowing that God is mightier and bigger than my problems....


I remembered to check out the fonts thing today, but I didn't try it out yet. Now that I know how I will play around with it :)

I too am thankful for my husband's job. He does traveling too and even though I miss him I'm glad he has a job!

Have a great day!


My funny friend! I have to agree with the 2nd comment, only YOU would find joy in the dentist!!! I am working on that whole positive spin, but the dentist. Sorry...all my positive thoughts go right out the window, door, the nearest exit. ;-) Enjoy your sweet grandbabies...give them a gentle squeeze from me.


While I admire your list, I must admit that I have yet to consider going to the dentist a joy. Leaving the office -- yes; but not going.

Girly Muse

I get joyful just looking at this new font! I'm gonna have to go back and reread so I can pay attention to what you're saying and not just how cute it all looks!!! ;)


How exciting that Bailey got baptized!! Love it!!

I am loving the new series at church.

Have fun with those grandbabies, I am still dying to see Bentley!!


You are so right about positive talk and thoughts. What a difference it makes! The iPad is on my list ... love the idea of reading books on it. Joy at the dentist's office? Okay, I had to work at this one a little, but I'm with you. It is definitely a joy to have good dental care and insurance. =D

Steph T.

Grandkids....aww...that sounds cool to have more than one!! I do not like going to the dentist...but am glad when they find something early.

And Great sermon series!! I need to listen to them. I missed you last night...I am doing better...refocused. Let me know how you are!!
Love ya

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