Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gettin Your Groove On

Yesterday the kids were out of school which is always a happy event around our house! My daughter and I went to have lunch with my Mom at one of our favorite restaurants and then shopped a little bit before we picked our my granddaughter Rylee for the night. I splurged and got an IC Mocha @ Panera .... this isn't exactly on my menu plan nor is it LOW in calories! Having missed my morning work out I told my daughter that I HAD to do something when we got home so that all those calories didn't pack on more weight!

One of the gifts I got for Christmas was a new WII game called Just Dance 2. Let me tell you guys...this game is SO.MUCH.FUN!
Jenna had some friends over and they joined in and of course Rylee had to dance too :) Not only did we have a blast but wow, did I get a work out!! I was sweating something awful LOL and we did it for a full hour before we even knew it! Time just flies by!

This is a game that you just mind find me doing on my own :)~

Do you have a WII, or a PS3 Move, or an Xbox Kinnect? What is your favorite game? Have you ever danced to this Game?? What were your thoughts ??

Have a blessed Tuesday my friends! Love you all!!


The Real Me!

I can so picture you doing that my friend. But I have a question about it. What types of songs are on there?
Next time I want real pictures. LOL!
We have a Wii and our favorite right now is Donkey Kong Country. Mario Kart is a favorite too. And Mario Galaxy oh yeah and......LOL!


That does sound like fun ... good for you! I got Hubby the Wii Fit with a balance board for Christmas. He and the Granddaughter were on it Sunday, laughing so hard. I'll have to try it out.

Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren, how would ask about a WII, last night my daughter fixed dinner for me, and after dinner my granddaughter wanted me to play it with her, so I "fished" and had a "cow race" with her, and I will have to admit I need a lot more practice with this invention, I was all over the place in both games!! Girl,but the laughter it brought!! so, there you have it with my very first "WII" game!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

I don't have any of those games but I do need to start exercising - my 49th birthday is getting closer and I am so out of shape!!


As you know, we love Just Dance I. We got II for Lindsey for Christmas but I haven't tried it yet. They also got a Michael Jackson dance game that she says is a blast, (haven't tried that one either) Guess I should get them for myself!!

Love you!! Yay for baby Bentley tomorrow!!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this game!!! It was given to me through House Party. They sent it so I would do a review on their website. Soooo much fun! We have had MANY parties where all we do is play that game. Not talking about me and the kids either. I'm tlaking about all of the adults we hang out with!! hahaha


We have a Wii and this sounds like so much fun! I've heard from others that it is and would love to try it. Not sure I'd get approval to do it with my kids AND their friends, though. They (my kids) already think I'm weird enough! Also have the Wii Fit and we do it more as a family than I do on my own. Favorite game, though...Mario Kart. Now there's how I can lose and hour and not even realize it!
Peace and blessings to your day!


I've heard that a Wii is a great way to get exercise, but we haven't gotten one yet. We don't have any game consoles -- I guess we're just a couple of old fogies.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU

Photos... where are the photos? ;) We don't have a wii... but it sure sounds like fun!
♥ Jennifer


My son's family has a Wii and the Just Dance game. I am thinking I am going to ask for one of my own for my birthday. Thank you for sharing!!


Hi Loren, I can just see all of you enjoying dancing, especially little Rylee! John plays Wii golf several times per day. He loves it!

Smelling Coffee

Love your blog! What's crazy is that today, my treadmill was making a funny noise, and I really wanted to sweat a little (which is a miracle, btw) so I did our Just Dance I for 45 minutes. It was so much fun, and I got a better workout than I would have had I simply walked. I'm actually sore already tonight... I'm looking forward to doing it again. I smiled thorugh the whole workout. :-)

Blessings to you~


Hi sweetie, Before I came to visit you I was over at Beth's and read your comment and thought-yep that is my friend Loren-always so encouraging. I loved your post cause it sounds like so much fun. My youngest has Wii and I'll have to see if they have this. I haven't been walking because of the cold but this could solve my problem. Hugs to you and have a delightful Wednesday.
Love, Noreen

Steph T.

I am so glad you posted about this! I wanted to know if it was good. I am thinking about gettng it for Brooke for her bday!

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