Monday, August 9, 2010

Something Beautiful ~ Time together ♥

I'm H♥ME !! I had to leave my honey very early this morning. We had such a WONDERFUL TIME and OMG, IT.FLEW.BY!! Seriously, I don't know that 2 days has EVER gone by sooo fast!

My friend Renee started a meme today called "Something Beautiful" How very appropriate and perfect for my time away this weekend! Won't you join in and share Something Beautiful today :)

For me....There is no where else I would rather be than on the Beach!

Some of you know last year we celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary and planned to get away but just before we were to leave town, we unexpectedly lost Brians mom and within days of her dying we found out my Dad had lung cancer. My kids and I immediately drove to Florida and lived there with him for the summer. After losing Daddy in December we tried to get away and spend some time in Florida in January. My husband went before me but I got snowed in and my flight was cancelled 3 times! Well, this year was our 20 year anniversary!! We spent the day working at our Sons school celebrating their last day! It was so much fun! So the Lord gave us yet another opportunity ~ My husband was to spend a week in Fl. having business meetings but the company was offering for the spouses to come up and spend the weekend!! We were able to fly together this time and we left early Friday morning in hopes of spending a full 3 days together. Can you believe that we got to the airport and found out that we could NOT fly out because we were checking a bag and arrived 5 minutes too late! Soooo.....we had no choice but to leave later. then we flew into Atlanta and first, they delayed our connecting flight 2 hours. Within 30 minutes of that Brian noticed that they had CANCELLED our flight! EXCUSE ME?? REALLY?? yes. really they did. We joined the 60+ people on the stand-by list and did the only thing we knew to do......PRAY! They told us that we would most likely have to get a hotel and not leave Atlanta until 11 the next morning. I rallied my pray warriors via Facebook and sent out texts and the Lord blessed us!! We were able to make the flight and even though we arrived 12 hours later than we had scheduled we were soooo happy to be at our Hotel and were thanking and Praising the Lord! Thank you all so very much, those of you who prayed with and for us!

This is where we spent the day yesterday.....This is Beautiful ~ The Lords creation in sight and sound!

Thank you Lord for this wonderful Time together and to our Daughter Krista and Son-in-law KC for staying here with the kids so that we could was BEAUTIFUL!



Glad the Lord blessed you two with
such a sweet and meaningful time
alone together!


Glad you were able to make it safely!
God is good all the time and all the time God is good!

Blessings, Stephanie


So glad you had a beautiful time away sis, love you.

The Not So Perfect Housewife

Sounds like you had a wonderful time..

Getaways are always a good thing!!


Ah... at last! Glad you finally got your time away with your man. Happy anniversary!

The Real Me!

It's probably a good thing you weren't over here on the east coast. We had nothing but rain the last two days and we hadn't had rain in weeks! LOL!
I'm glad you had a good time and it all worked out in the end.


Haven't had any time to post or even read them much, but got on for a few minutes this afternoon and was so glad I did. I love this meme and it came at such an appropriate time for me.

Love that you guys got away and what's better than the beach, your hubby, and a good book!!!

Love you and see you soon!!


Aww, I'm so glad you had a great time, even with all that whirlwind! :)

The pictures of the beach are gorgeous! It looks like the ultimate vacation!

Thank you so much for linking to my meme! I really appreciate it! And congratulations on your 20th anniversary!!!!!


I started following you just when you were trying to leave for that trip this past winter. What I DIDN'T know was all that had lead up to that trip...and reading this post made me realize how hard it must have been not to be able to go then. BUT(thankfully there is a but), I am so glad that you were able to have this chance to, so glad! What a BEAUTIFUL couple you and your husband are.

He & Me + 3

I am so glad that you had a great time and that you finally made it to the beach...gorgeous view.
Happy 20 years.



Praising God that the internet allows us to send out urgent prayer requests when we need it the most. Thanking God everyday for technology to allow us to continue to do His work. Enjoy this beautiful time with Brian, you both truly deserve this year together.

Happy Blessed 20th!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Steph T.

I'm so happy for you and your sweet man!! i love the beach...especially alone with my man!! I am so glad you got on your flight and praised the LoRD when you text me and told me you made it!! WOO HOO!!
Welcome home...refreshed!


So happy for you! It was beautiful!

Speaking of that, I saw some of the most beautiful clouds on Sunday. The sky was clear blue and the cloud formations were of His making. Amen.


Oh Loren.. I am so there with you on that comment.
I love the beach.. there isnt hardly a weekend that i dont go to the beach..there is a peace and serenity there for me.. no laundry to do,nothing to dust.. not pots and pans.. dont get me wrong I love all those things..but I have had to learn to relax a bit in my life lately,,and at the beach i can almost always do that..
Great post..
God Bless your day

Girly Muse

I'm SO glad you had that time together...and at the beach, no less. Perfection. So sorry about your rough start...that was craziness! Knowing you, though, I know you made the most of the situation. God blessed you with this trip and I'm certain he will bless you with another in the not so distant future. Praying beach your way. :) Love you!

Beth E.

Wow...I'm glad you finally got to Florida! What an experience.

Blessings to you and Brian for 20 years together. May God continue to guide you and strengthen your love for one another even more in the years ahead.

P.S. I love the beach, too. It's my favorite place!


Oh Loren isn't the Lord good? I am soo glad you got this time alone with your hubby and what a wonderful place to be. Great pics of the beach. Congratulations of 20 years! HUGS, Debbie

Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren, so happy to be back with you! Happy Anniversary!:), whoa... it want be long till you will be at 39?!!?. So Happy that God saw fit for you finally to get to that beautiful destination w/ Hubby! He was in control, even with all the little "bumps" that you endured! Thankful for safe trip to and back. Blessings to you and your Hubby for another 20 together!:).


So glad you guys had some time together and tell me....where does the time go when we get some special time with our wonderful hubby's?



Loren, Happy Anniversary. I am so glad yall had a great time and were able to spend time together. I love the beach too.

Thank You for praying for Baby Boy. Praying this weeks checkup goes great. Love you.


Gosh, I haven't been on a beach in forever. Thank heavens you two finally got there together and were able to spend a little quiet time celebrating your 20th. Happy Anniversary!!!

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