Wednesday, December 22, 2010


It's time to Spread the JOY :) This week is just filled with JOY don't you think??!!

For me, JOY IS:

While Hiding in my room wrapping those final gifts my sweet girl Jenna and her boyfriend Ty made dinner for all of us :) What Sweethearts!

The precious way my husband cares for me this week when I have been so tired or my shoulder is killing me from physical therapy. He melts my heart and gives me such JOY

Rocking my sweet Rylee while she takes a nap

Since Brian is still working this week he has been going to bed at the "Normal" time while the kids and I have enjoyed staying up late but Jenna went to bed early because she took the ACT test on Tuesday morning so that left Jantz and I up. He sat with me in the living room while I was preparing my post and after a bit he says, "Are you getting tired?" I asked "not really, why?" He said "Well, I am sitting with you so you didn't have to be alone and wanted to go upstairs." OMG ~ how precious is that!?!?! He is just so very thoughtful and fills my heart with JOY!!

We had some VERY WARM days here so we took advantage and took our kids and Rylee to see Rhema bible college Christmas Lights. Rhema is famous for their Christmas Light Display. They began in 1982 with 60,000 lights and it has grown each year. This year more than 2 MILLION lights will illuminate the Rhema campus. It is spectacular! They expect more than 200,000 people will come to see all the lights! For me, seeing all the lights and the JOY on my kids faces filled this momma with sooo much JOY Below, are just a few of the pics we took!

As we begin the final days to Christmas I pray Jesus fills you with HIS JOY Unspeakable ~ HE Loves you soo!

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That display of lights is truly spectacular! Merry Christmas to you sister and praying for another year filled not only with joy but with all of His richest blessings over you and your family. Love you in Christ.


Oh Loren your boy is something special indeed. Can't wait to see what the Lord has in mind for him. The pics are beautiful but I have a feeling they don't come near actually being there. ENJOY this time with your precious family. Merry Christmas to you all!


Love your JOYs!! Pictures are great!! We went to Rhema too, so pretty!! Love knowing that Brian takes such good care of you.

I was a tad late getting my post up so I linked you up!!

Love you

Girly Muse

What beautiful pictures! Love all those lights~ wow!

I love, LOVE how sweet your children are to you. You're such a good mama and you can just tell they absolutely adore you. So sweet.

Enjoy these delightful Christmas days. Love you!


Your kids and husband fill your heart with so much joy, because you have filled their heart with so much joy too! What sweet thoughtful kids you have Loren! Makes my heart smile!


Love this post and photos dear one! Came by to pray a beautiful and blessed Christmas for you and your family and I'm sure it already is because the LORD is good!!!

Praying for you...much love!


Loren, thank you for sharing! Merry Christmas!


Thanks for sharing your joy, love you.


Beautiful post. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful family.


Looks like a spectacular light display and an amazing evening. What a sweet picture of Rylee!


what amazing lights.....wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas....filled with His best.

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