Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Crud got me

I wish I could say I disappeared from blog land because I was.... oh ..... say, shopping or taking a mini vacation ~ You know, something FUN! But no, I have been in B.E.D. coughing, aching, stuffyhead, fever kind of stuff. When my DH had to go out of town this morning I knew I better get into the DR. so that I could be amongst the living LOL and take care of the kids. Man, I am glad I did. Found out I have double ear infection and the beginning of bronchitis..... can you say YUCK!! He put me on my all time favorite drug....Prednisone. You know how I love being on STEROIDS!!! NOT and a strong antibiotic and I am praying it kicks in because I am suppose to begin Christmas shopping with my Mom tomorrow!!

While I sat in the waiting room coughing with all the other sick people in my little town I saw this clip on the TV. The Rachael Ray show was on and I just love her but she shared the newest YouTube Phenomenon video. It was quite entertaining and I thought I would share it with you all since you might have missed it ;)

I hope everyone is having a blessed week ~

O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His mercy and loving-kindness endure forever!

1 Chronicles 16:34



Feel better soon....:-)Hugs

Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren, Oh! No~ you are too pretty to be sick! Girl, it took 2 Dr.visits, a shot, and 2 antibiotics and almost 3 wks., for me to shake the "crud". I promise to return the "Prayers" to you for a quick recovery! We have to get on to shopping! Blessings to you and Praying! Love You:)


See, that's why you were banned from therapy today! Get feeling better!

Love you!!!!


Positive spin on your sickness...discovering this awesome video! If there is a positive side. ;-) Sorry you have been under the weather, but glad you went to the Doctor...I always tend to put the doctor off. Get better my friend and thanks for sharing the video with us.


So sorry to hear you are sick Loren. John and I had passed something back and forth a few weeks ago that was miserable. Hope your meds kick in quickly. That video is wild! As one with nerve damage in each hand, it looks painful to me!!!!!! Amazing!

Girly Muse

Double ear infection and bronchitis!!! BLESS YOUR HEART!!! No way! Oh goodness. I know how you hate the P drug. Will up the prayers. :(

LOVE the video!!! So cute! It's like Riverdance of the hands! hahaha Love it.

Rest up. Hope the meds kick this soon. Love you.


Loren, I am sad that you got sick, glad you went to the Dr., sad you have to take the meds you don't like, glad you are going to get better.
Praying for you!

Beth E.

I'm so sorry to hear you are sick! Remember to get your rest and take care of yourself. I wish I lived closer to you...I'd bring you some homemade chicken soup!

Praying for you...


Sister Loren, wish I can make you a hot cup of tea with honey...Praying you'll feel better in no time...Glad you went to the doctor. And I think it's okay if no antibiotics. So many resistant bacteria and it's not gonna' work for viruses anyway...It's still on and off I dunno' how to explain it kind of "not feeling well" for me too. But I'm thankful I'm not congested the way I used to from my allergies. Take care and that's a neat video. Love and blessings.


ENJOYED the video...I am sorry to hear you are sick. Yuck is right...this time of year is wonderful and yet with it comes all the colds and flu...get better soon. HUGS


Sorry you are so sick!! Believing it will pass quickly!! Love that video, we had seen it several weeks ago on facebook. Those people are amazing.

Love you

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

bless your sweet heart! I am so sorry that you are under the weather... i am praying for you my friend. The shopping must go on as planned!! ha!


Loved the video!! Sorry to hear you've got the crud. That stinks! Hope you're all better really soon.


Oh no, double ear infection and bronchitis sounds totally nasty, you poor thing! Definitely not the way to kick off the Christmas shopping campaign. We swear by EmergenC packets of Vitamin C and knock them back like tequila shooters as soon as we start feeling any kind of gunk coming on. Blasts your body with 1000 mg of Vitamin C. Feel better fast, my friend!

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