Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey Talk

I pray everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving! Are your leftovers gone yet?? Did the tryptophan put you on the couch LOL?

We had such a Peace-filled Thanksgiving and we were sooo excited that our oldest daughter and husband along with our Precious Rylee were able to come and spend the evening with us! A rare treat indeed. For the past 10 years or so we are out of town with my Mom and Stepdad and so it was just wonderful having them join us. Sitting around our table and sharing Thanks was just so very special. I know you all are dying to know if I made a turkey LOL DH grilled a turkey tenderloin ~ Does that count ;)??
It was delicious and of course we had all the fabulous sides. We were stuffed!

The rest of the weekend we spent decorating for Christmas. Our lights went up outside and look fabulous! I Just LOVE having our house lit up. I am figuring out that I get that from my Daddy. I remember this time last year when my brother and I boarded a plane to Florida to see Daddy. When we arrived at his house it was like a winter wonderland and I have NEVER seen so many lights! I am so glad Daddy was able to see his lights up before he passed. I remember pushing him outside in the wheelchair and just seeing his face light up and that smile! Daddy had such a beautiful smile!! That moment was such a gift!

What about you guys? Did you get your Christmas decorating started? Tree up? I really can't even believe this week starts December!! It's just amazing how quickly this year has flown isn't it!?!

On Sunday I put up a Facebook Status that I was making my Winter Lotion and some asked if I would share the recipe come back tomorrow if you're interested or if you suffer from dry itchy winter skin!!



Morning Loren! Glad to hear you all enjoyed Thanksgiving together. Sounds like you have been busy with Christmas decorating. You are ahead of me! What a wonderful memory of your Dad to treasure. May your Christmas be filled with many blessings and sweet memories.


sounds like you had a beautiful thanksgiving Loren... i'm not doing much of a decoration for Christmas as i'm leaving my house for a Christmas at my parent's...:) But i'm so looking forward to the lights and the beauty of my hometown...

Have a blessed week ahead!

Nana's Nuggets

Good Morning Loren, Oh! yes we are "stuffed" as well, finished left overs on Saturday! So happy things turned out well for you and you did have Thanksgiving! That turkey sounds wonderful! And I finally finished decorating yesterday. I have been now trying to get down to the Shopping; just have a little stuck back in my closet; gotta get serious! But I love it! have a great Monday! Love and Blessings:)


Glad you had a great Thnaksgivng Loren...leftovers are just about gone over here. I am thinking some turkey soup tonight...Took ALL week-end but the decorations are all up...Let the holidays begin....HUGS


Sounds like a very special Thanksgiving and a wonderful weekend! I wish we had started decorating for Christmas, but what we did was moved our youngest daughter to a new city *sob* where we woke up to snow. Good thing we were prepared -- I even got to wear the hat I knitted for myself. And it was the first time our dogs had been in snow. They were very glad to have those old red sweaters!


Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving with your family. Just reading your post today made me feel good. Yes, our tree is up and beautiful and Charlotte has done a great job of decorating inside the house. Tomorrow or the day after I will put up the outside lights and decorations. I will be back tomorrow to check out your lotion. The first time you mentioned it you also referred to ladies in your remarks. I understand that lotions usually are for ladies but if it will help keep a lady with smooth skin like silk from itching maybe---just maybe it will do something for an old rough skinned MAN. (Although, Charlotte says my skin is smoother than hers. LOL)


I'm glad you had a wonderful time...Why not when you have your loved ones around you? That's awesome. Trying not to eat too much now as my family and I also were stuffed up!

Haven't decorated here. And yes, can't believe it's Dec...Take care sister and God bless and protect you. Love to you.

Girly Muse

Precious memories with your daddy...can just imagine that picture of the two of you and all the lights.

Sounds like you had a great time...sorry the team didn't win! But glad you were together and that your honey pulled through with the turkey. heehee

Love you!!! VERY excited about this lotion. I NEED IT!


It sounds as if you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We still have leftovers, but at least our Christmas decorations are up.

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