Monday, November 1, 2010

Time Flies

It is hard to believe that 13 yrs ago on Halloween this was our precious family ~

and now all these years later.... All grown up!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween



Love the pictures Loren! Wishing you a nice week and hope you are feeling much better.


Yes, time goes really zooming by.

Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren, hope this finds you feeling better. And these pics are so cute! You all made a darling family of the Wizard of Oz! I just love that movie! and your kids are so cute! Love and Blessings for a wonderful Monday:)


DARLING....Time does fly doesn't it? I had the same thought yesterday as I watched my grandkids enjoy their night. Seemed like just yesterday my kids were on it. Have a good day Loren. HUGS


Happy Halloween... thanks for stopping by my place and leaving sweet words.


Country Wings in Phoenix

Good Morning Loren Sweetie...
Precious photos. I love it when you share.

I pray you are feeling better, and that each day gets a little easier for you. I have worried with the weather changing what pains you might be having in your shoulder. Weather effects everything, when it comes to our joints.

Have a beautiful Monday morning sweetie. Please know that you continue to be in my prayers. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry


I know what you mean Loren. How did it go so fast? You still have two adorable kids all decked out. :-)

Steph T.

Cool costumes!! I know what you mean...I was so sad that Lauren didn't want to trick or treat last night....:( I don't like change very well.

Girly Muse

oh how fun~ love both pics!!! it really is shocking how fast it does go.

Beth E.

Great photos, Loren...they just grow up way too fast for a mom's liking, don't they?! :-)

Hope you're feeling better and better each day! (Do you still have your ice machine?)


Your family is precious as are YOU! Time does fly by. I can't believe I have one in her mid-twenties with our two little grand daughters and one turning 18 next yr and off to college.

Time flies...enjoy every moment.

I stopped by to check on you and see how your recovery is coming and to pray for you...Love you.


It doesn't seem possible that so many years could go by so quickly.

He & Me + 3

Time does fly. I should go pull out some old Halloween pictures too. Such great family memories. Great costumes and such a cute family. My girls were Dorothy one year. So cute.


Isn't it fun when the whole family does themed costumes? For the granddaughter's costume 3rd birthday party, we all did Peter Pan characters. She was Tinkerbell. Guess who got to wear the green tights???

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