Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This and That Tuesday

Well, I am soo happy to report that I did NOT cry @ Physical Therapy yesterday WOOHOO! Because I am going to Physical Therapy 3 weeks earlier than I did last time I will spend the next 4 week doing very gentle stretching and then at the end of the 4 weeks they will begin the VERY AGGRESSIVE stuff! So, I was worried for nothing!! I tell ya....the Lord has just shown HIMSELF soo wonderfully and it is a wonder that I am not just on my face praising HIM all the time!!

Tonite I will be going to Angels grandbaby's baby shower! He wasn't suppose to be here until the end of Nov. but God had other plans :) Baby Showers are way more fun when the babies are there aren't they!! I CANNOT wait to snuggle little Slaid ♥

A friend of mine just got back from Hawaii and she got me some KONA Coffee which is my ALL TIME FAVORITE COFFEE!! I will be seeing her today and retrieve my heavenly bag of beans!! I can just taste it now!! YUM!!!
What about you? What is your all time favorite coffee? Do you grind your beans?

Happy Tuesday everyone! ♥



So happy you don't have to start the aggressive therapy quite yet. Enjoy the new bundle of love tonight and please, share photos! Enjoy that coffee!

Girly Muse

What a relief! So glad yesterday went well!!!

And how fun, you get to snuggle the baby at his baby shower tonight. WAY more fun to have the baby there! ;D

I LOVE Peet's Major Dickison's Blend...we don't have Peet's here, so it's a treat. When I'm by one, I stock up. I do grind the beans. This coffee literally opens up my lungs and helps me breathe better. ;) Truly!

Enjoy your Kona beans. Don't you wish we were on the beach today, laughing and reading! :) Love you, my friend. Have a good one.


G'morn, Loren ~ Glad to hear therapy will be less intense & you know what to expect. Hope this all heals quickly.

Oh, yes, a TRUE baby shower ... snuggle to your hearts content.

Well, I don't drink coffee, but I sure love coffee ice cream or anything flavored with it. I can remember that fresh coffee aroma from when we lived in Hawaii ... yup!

Have a beautiful day ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon


How special to get some of that from Hawaii!!! Glad to hear you are improving.


I know you will enjoy your Kona coffee. I am sipping a cup, now.


That's good news about the physical therapy and the coffee. We don't have a favorite coffee, but we do grind our own beans.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU

So, so happy to hear the great PT news!! Yay! :) Baby Slaid is adorable. How fun that everyone gets to love on him during the baby shower! My husband loved Kona coffee when we lived in Hawaii... LOVED it! Enjoy!
♥ Jennifer

Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren, Thank you so much for your sweet prayers! girl I think I will be ok, WoW it had some hold! but Praise God I am feeling some better this morning! And I am so Happy about good report on shoulder! Take Care! and it sounds like you are doing great! Love and Blessings! (bth)~ recieved the soup! and it was delisch!!)Ha-Ha:)

Steph T.

I haven't tried very many coffees, just creamers..and of course my favorite is pumpkin spice! Maybe I need to try some different flavors of coffee!!
Grind...oh girl...I just open the container!!! U amaze me! So next time I'm out & you feel better...please grind me some beans!
love ya


I am praising God with you in your recovery! SO glad you have some kona to help the pain. Kona is the best! Enjoy :)


Praying and hoping that your therapy will make your shoulder muscles flexible that it wouldn't even hurt even before the harder ones come. Kona coffee...sounds good. That Chocolate Macadamia one is good, too. I love flavored coffees. I have grinders and I know it's fresher when you grind the beans right before brewing, but it's just easier for me to have ground, flavored coffee ready to be brewed anytime. Enjoy your coffee and may it help you get more energy to do those exercises. Take care and God bless you sister Loren. Love to you.


Yeah for gentle stretching! Yeah for babies at baby showers! Yeah for Hawaiian coffee! yeah, yeah, yeah!!!


Praising the Lord with you Loren, God is so good all the time, I am always blessed by your thoughts of your thankfulness to God, you are always encouraging me.
How blessed to get this coffee, my sis and her dh went to Hawaii and brought me back some beans and they were delicious. I like to grind my beans it makes better coffee, and the aroma smells so good, enjoy!

I recently went to a baby shower, and won a game by tasting baby food and identifying them, wouldn't you know I would win on food tasting. lol Much love and prayers for you.
HUgs, Sue


Bless your heart on the physical therapy stuff. My youngest daughter snapped her wrist in half in a bad car accident 2 years ago and I took her to physical therapy a number of times. It can be so hard and so painful. I think what helped get her through it better was the fact that there were other people in PT much worse off than she was - and they all cried. A cop who had been shot through the hand, a girl caught in the propeller of a boat, a boy who fell out of a tree and broke both arms. Yikes! I used to sit there with my head down and knit and try not to cry. On a happier subject, we've been buying Cameron's French Roast. So good. We used to grind our own beans, but we wore out the grinder! =)

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