Friday, November 12, 2010


It's Friday !!! WOOHOO! Time for Friday Funnies! The Queen of Funny AKA Kim @ Homesteaders Heart hosts this each week. Head on over to her blog and get your Weekend started with some laughter! You know..... it's such good medicine!!

This week's Friday Funny comes from a text message I received from my daughter..... One of her favorite restaraunts is Schlotzky's and we used to have one in our town but for some reason they closed the doors and shut it down. So now, if we want a Schlotzky's sandwich we have to drive at least 30 min. to get one. Well, last week when my Son and I worked inventory @ my Husbands work which is half of block from Schlotzky's so of course we ate there! Suffice to say my daughter was quite upset with all of us and then of course her craving became on obsession! LOL It was all should would say..."MOM, I want Schlotzky's!!" or "Can we go get a Schlotzky's??" So out of the clear blue one day last week while she was in school I might add ....THIS ..... is the text I received from her.....(her conversation is in the WHITE and my reply is the yellow-green color)

So...guess what she got for dinner!! Yes....She finally got her Sandwich! What a kid!!!



It pays to be persistent and funny! I haven't had a Schlotzky's sandwich since we moved away from TX...that was 11 years ago. I want one too! ;-) Hope she enjoyed it!


You're such a good mom to help a daughter in desperate NEED! :) LOL. Blessings.


So cute! Funny how we get a favorite food on our mind and nothing else will do!

Nana's Nuggets

You Go! Jenna! I will to hurt somebody if I want something bad enough! Ha-Ha-!!!!!!
This was really cute! and I know Jenna is not spoiled; but Love Her anyway! That's what my sister says about me!! when I get on a tear!!Ha_Ha! just lovin Life! Oh! Yeah.... Thank you Jesus for the Happy Things:)

Beth E.

Hey, I understand all about craving something. Unfortunately, my cravings are usually for something - anything - with chocolate!

I'm glad your daughter got her sandwich. lol

stacy coker

to funny, my family was wanting this for dinner tonight.....


I think your daughter deserved her sandwich. I'm glad she got it.

Girly Muse

hahaha, i love it. that is SOME love for a sandwich! :) she's hilarious! <3

Steph T.

I love that place too! I was so upset when they closed!! Good for Jenna! What a super mom you are to go get her one...:)
Love u!


You're the best Mom ever. I have the same "problem." The minute I get a craving (raging tiger!) in my brain, it just keeps building until I satisfy it. It's usually Mexican food for me. =D

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