Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Don't you just L♥VE LONG weekends and SHORT weeks! I sure do!!

Friday my DH returned from being gone all week and HE took Jenna out on a VERY SPECIAL DATE for her up & coming 18th*GULP*

Didn't she look beautiful!!!

Saturday we went to church and OH MY GOODNESS ~ The worship was INCREDIBLE! Soo anointed! I don't know about you, but I L♥VE it when the Lord just refreshes you during Worship !! Boy oh boy, HE soooo revived me! Thankyou LORD!!

The rest of the weekend flew by ~ The kids had friends over and we all sat outside enjoying the absolutely beautiful weather. We L♥VE sitting outside just talking with the kids and their friends! Get away from TV, video games, cell phones! Pure Heaven!

Monday brought our sweet little Ry ! This is just part of the fun she had before bedtime

I also got my new blog design on Monday!! Oh my gosh! I L♥VE it!! Thanks goes to Heather from Leelou Blogs! She is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL to work with! If you are looking for a new blog template, blogfrog/twitter background or any cute buttons for your blog I am here to tell ya! The LEELOU girls are AWESOME and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!!!!


The Real Me!

I love hearing about Dad's taking out their daughters on little dates. Mine does that some time too.
And your blog header is sooo cute!


OMG Loren... it looks AWESOME!!!!!! girlfriend...
Love it all.. and what a wonderful post..
how beautiful is your daughter and your grandbaby.. so precious.... I wish we lived closer we could do a grandbaby play date..
I missed church this week.. I feel bad though.. I really could of used it.. and im like you I just love a goooooood worship...
Well girl enjoy your short week... and talk to ya real soon..


Happy birthday to the lovely Jenna! So glad you all enjoyed the long weekend. Rylee is so cute in her bright t-shirt! I also love your new blog background. Hope you have a wonderful short week!

Sassy Granny ...

OK ... so NOW I'm ready for some pumpkin pie! Love the new look ...

I'm with you: long weekends are the best. And now that I'm officially retired, my WHOLE LIFE is a weekend. How cool is that?!!



First, yes I LOVE the new blog look. REALLY cute. And sounds like you had a great week-end. Your daughter is adorable, and those "dates" with dad? daughter and hubby had many of those as well. Your granddaughter is soo cute. Have a good week. HUGS, Debbie

Nana's Nuggets

Good Morning Loren, I just love the happy:) back ground. It is so cute! and talking about worship services this wk-end, OMG; I too had the most wonderful, deep down, refreshing, that I have had in a while! Still was feeling it on Monday! Thank you Lord for the Holy Spirit! Let it Reign down again! on US! Baby girl! too cute! Have a Happy Day:)


Love the new look!!

Sounds like the concert was awesome, bet you guys enjoyed it!! Love the daddy/daughter pics!!

Worship was awesome, I really like Rob, he is a great worship leader!!

Love you

Deb Shucka

Your new look is wonderful: fresh, bright and interesting to look at. I love the pictures of the girls - the contrast between almost-grown and still-little is sweet to see.


What a packed weekend. I think you covered all the bases. :)

Steph T.

Love the fall look...I need to change mine soon!!

Your daughter...she is so beautiful. I love that Your hubby takes her out. So precious.

Love that you are enjoying LC....awesome!!

The Not So Perfect Housewife

LOVE the new look to the blog!! How cute!!

Sounds like a wonderful weekend and HAPPY Birthday to your sweet 'little' girl!


Hi there, Love the new header and look for fall-so fun! What a wonderful post; I too love anointed worship. I love visiting with you.
Have a blessed evening.
Hugs, Noreen

Girly Muse

Cute new look! Very fun and festive. Can't believe fall is around the corner. :( Sorry, not meaning to be a party pooper, but not looking forward to winter!

Love the date pictures. 18, oh snurfle! So sweet that they took that time together. Love that.

Love you, Loren!

Steph T.

Ok...try this! See if you can respond by email to me. I think I did it right!!


Such a sweet post, love you sis.


There is something special about a father and daughters relationship.....your blog looks great......:-)Hugs


My Hubby does daddy/daughter dates, too ... it's soooo special. And don't yours look adorable together! And just look at your little sweetie pie in her tie-dye with the sidewalk chalk. Looks like fun!!!

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