Thursday, August 12, 2010

Simple Pleasures ~ Just a swinging

For me, there is something so very special about a porch swing.

I can swing all by myself and read for hours on end

Or, I could sit with a loved one and share a sweet conversation.

It could be an early morning where I sit with my Bible & Coffee and share some precious prayer time with my Heavenly Father.

Memories flow of the countless hours I would swing with my Nana and "La La" ~ a precious little melody we sang together ~ that I now sing with my grandaughter.

I can just enjoy a glass of tea and listen to the locusts, cicadas and frogs create their outdoor symphony

Yes, I am so thankful for the Simple Pleasure of a Porch Swing! What is your Simple Pleasure? Join Dayle and see other Simple Pleasures


Heather T.

I want one...just like this one, but have no porch large enough to hold a porch swing {sigh}....

Even a nice outdoor rocker would work for me, except there's no sharing room.

This photo is SO inviting, Loren :)


that sounds so soothing....enjoy a great day...


I love porch swings. They remind me of being at my grandparents house.


I would sit outside on a glider bench at my aunt's place in Michigan while visiting this summer. Now that we are back in Kuwait, there's no more outdoor activities for some time as it is so hot and very humid with light dust in the air. Not a great combination. Good thing I like pajama days and indoor activities too. Best wishes to you and yours, Tammy

gnee @ Singing With Birds

What a lovely spot! I'm so glad you take time to enjoy it...thanks.


A beautiful post Loren. I have many fond memories of a porch swing also. Hope you have a wonderful day.


I couldn't agree with you more! I love this porch swing...looks like you could even nap in it.


We are kindred spirits. My dream house has a wide front porch, and a swing much like the one in the photograph. I love it! Great simple pleasure. Thanks for linking up.


Loren, I LOVE your swing! I have a great porch for one, yet I have never put one up. I don't think I have enjoyed a leisurely swing on a porch since I was very young.

It IS a simple pleasure.
Now, I'm thinking about putting up a front porch swing at my place.

The Not So Perfect Housewife

Is that YOUR porch swing??
If so, Can I come over?? LOL!!

I sent your hubby an email - I needed some more info before Pandigital could send the package.. tell him to check his email! :-)

Have a great day!

He & Me + 3

I would love a porch swing. so relaxing for sure. I enjoy rain showers on a hot day. Refreshing.
Hope it is cooling off for you all.


That porch swing is completely fabulous and looks incredibly comfortable. I love the way the ceiling fan is captured in motion. Looks like the perfect place to celebrate simple pleasures!

Marsha's Mpressions

Nothing better and what a gorgeous porch swing that one is!


Lovely and oh, so peaceful!


Oh I LOVE your swing...wish there was some way to get one on's perfect..ENJOY

Girly Muse

That is the prettiest porch swing!!! I LOVE it!!! If that is yours, it gives me abundant joy that you can enjoy that whenever you want. Now I will picture you reading away on that pretty thing. :)


I loved our front porch growing up, we all would play games, sing and just be together there. Great memory. Please e-mail me as I have something to mail to you. I have a new laptop and am rebuilding my address book.....:-) hugs


Would love a porch swing, or a porch for that matter.


We moved a few years ago and traded our front porch with a swing for a back porch without one. Our house now is infinitely nicer than the last one, but I do SO miss that swing and the times I rocked my babies to sleep on it, just enjoying the outdoors.

I relish the trips to my in-laws when I can sit on their porch and just swing. It is, indeed, a perfect simple pleasure.


Oh my word that YOUR porch swing? I would sit down there on that swing and NEVER get up. If I had that...everyone would know where to find me. Just beautiful.

Steph T. that yours because It looks like a tropical paradise and I am on my way right now if that is your doesn't look like Oklahoma...

I love to swing. So if you have one...let me swing with you...drink coffee and chat...soon.


I love front porch swings, such precious memories.

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