Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Love & Joy ♥

My friend Angel hosts this meme and she loves for others to join in spread JOY to others so go here & join us won't you??

I am filled with JOY watching the Love of my Life spend time with our grand-daughter doing what Papa's do....sharing those special candies one at a time so she won't get choked, pushing her on the swing for as long as she wants despite the heat, holding hands as they walk even if it is just down the hallway in the house, puting her to sleep as he strokes her face ever so gently, having to leave for work and knowing it is breaking his heart because she wants her Papa to hold her just a bit longer! Oh the love of a grandchild ♥

I am filled with JOY because in just a few more days we will be on a plane together to spend some time alone in Florida! Just the two of us :) Oh what JOY♥

I am filled with JOY because I am blessed to be a stay at home MOM. To be able to spend these days with my children is a gift and a blessing the I DO NOT take for granted! True JOY for sure ♥

I am filled with JOY that I won an autographed copy of one of my new favorite authors most recent books! It comes out in October and I was also able to participate in the cover choice! The cover I (along with many others) chose won :) 2 wins in 1!! JOY JOY JOY ♥

I am filled with JOY because my friend Sandy got a job yesterday! We had been praying and after she didn't receive one position she applied for she pressed on believing and praying and the Lord provided!!! Such JOY and Praise ♥

May the God of hope fill you with all JOY and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13

What does Love look like in your home is hosted by Joanne

As I asked the Lord to show me specifically about this week's Love post I felt led to share this:

Love can be in a kind act
Love can be in sharing a kind word
but for me.....this week Love was Listening

Listiening to those I love share about their day, their joys and sorrows, their need and prayers requests, their excitement and laughter

I was granted to gift of being listened to as my friends who care what is happening in my life, by my husband who loves me and wants to know my heart, by my children who seek (at times) words of wisdom

and most importantly Listening to the Lord
His Word speaks Life
His creation ~ Owls hooting early in the morning, insects playing their symphony late at night
His Spirit speaks and I am blessed when I listen

What about you ~ What does Love look like in your home this week?



wow what a beautiful post! Loren, you posts are always so encouraging and inspiring. I'm glad i visited..:)

Thanks a million for your comforting words and prayers. My uncle's family would like to thank you for praying!!

Love and hugs,
Underneath His Wrapping

Girly Muse

Yay! Excited for you about that trip to Florida!!! That will be WONDERFUL!

Enjoy your Wednesday. I'm full of joy to be back home and cuddling with my kiddos this Wednesday morning. :)

Love you.

Joanne@ Blessed...


You are a gal I could hang out with! LOVE your joy and LOVE posts. I can't believe you're a grandma. What a blessing.
So, what book did you win? I'm dying to know. (I'm a book-junkie)


Two posts in one! How neat. I'm excited for you that you will be able to get away with DH. I know you two will make every minute count. You are precious, Loren!


I'm rejoicing with you for all the joy
in your life! Hope you and your love
have a wonderfully romantic time alone
together in sunny Florida!

JC Dude

What does Love look like in your home this week?

Trying to love my wife and kids the way THEY need to be loved...not just the way I want to show love to them.

Thanks for sharing!


Well, have a fabulous time in florida!! And thank you so much for your nice comment about my header and name change! :)

He & Me + 3

Oh how exciting about going to blessed girl!
It is a joy to be a stay at home mom for sure.


You are blessed with so much JOY and LOVE!



Love definitely lives at your home.


I wish you a lovely trip to FL. Always such a joy to read your posts.


Love your JOY list!! Of course I share the joy for several of them!! So glad you are getting time with Brian, too bad you are flying to Florida and not California!!

Also love the love list!! So glad I am a friend who cares what's going on with you and that you care about me too!

Love you


You are so inspiring ... thanks so much for all the joy you give!!!


ahhhh, Loren, I just now got to read this, because our computer was a little "sick". Hopefully, it will be good, now, except that my husband set our security at a higher level, so sometimes it blocks some of the blogs, even your latest post and my own blog, too! My husband thinks the blogging messes up our computer, but don't want to stop!
Thank you for mentioning me and my job. I am loving it!
I know you and Brian will have a wonderful vacation! I'll be praying for you!
Thank you for all the LOVE and for sharing in my JOY! I had my Love, Joy, and Thankfulness and Family posts all planned out last week, and then wasn't able to do them! I missed you a lot!

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