Saturday, July 10, 2010

Spiritual Sundays

First ~ I MUST SAY A "♥HAPPY ANNIVERSARY♥" TO Clif and Charlotte! This Sunday they will celebrate 52 YEARS!! ISN'T THAT WONDERFUL!! I LOVE these TWO and they are just such a wonderful example to soo many of what marriage should be! Thank you both for glorifying the Lord in your lives and your marriage!!

So now, for Spiritual Sundays ~ go here to join in your own post or just read the many posts that bring glory and Honor to our Father!

Most everyone is familiar with YouTube right? But do you know there is a place on the Web called GodTube?? Well, I just found it and it has Christian music videos, Inspirational videos, Christian comedians, etc. Well, I believe we should help support sites such as this, don't you?

This is just one of the awesome videos they had in the Inspirational section: It is just so moving! Enjoy! Have a blessed weekend!



I love this, thanks for sharing.

Nana's Nuggets

Good Moring Loren, this was amazing! These video's just say so much to my Spirit! and you know they just kinda speak in a silent way those precious promises that we so despartely need! Loved It! Have a great week-end!:)


Loren, I have seen "cardboard testimonies" a few times before, but this is awesome! I will have to suggest that the next time it is done in our church, it be done this way with the cross backs!
Thank you for sharing! and thank you for your comment love to me!

Whidbey Woman

I think its too bad that You Tube made God Tube change their name. Its now called Tangle.
I visit the site several times a week. I love it!


I wish every hurting soul will see and truly know His amazing grace...Beautiful. Have a great weekend sister Loren. God bless and may you remain strong in His mighty power!


Love it!!! Thanks for sharing.
Sweet Blessings,


Beautiful! Amazing. Thanks for sharing it.



I need to go to Godtube more. Thanks for the reminder.

And Loren, I just want to say how much your comments on my blog mean to me. You are so genuine. I love that about you.

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation Issues

WOW! I had NOT heard of God Tube OR Tangle and I LOVE praise and worship music of all kinds. Thank you so much for sharing the info. And CONGRATULATIONS to Clif and Charlotte!!!


Yes, I get Godtube in my email. I have seen these cardboard ones and they are amazing and encouraging.

He & Me + 3

I love that video too. Powerful.


Wow Loren...I didn't know and this is great...This video is excellent. Also thanks for the heads up on it being the anniversary of Charlotte and Cliff...they're great people and I'm so grateful they chose to start S.S.


I love this video you shared from God Tube. And thanks for telling us about this site...Thank you so much for your words about our anniversary and especially the kind words you wrote on my blog. You are a kind,gracious, loving Christian and when I read your words they touched my heart and made me cry. But they were tears of joy that just had to come out, I guess. I am so overjoyed to have friends like you. Thank you Loren. I consider you one of the blessings of my life.


Great message. I can witness to the truth of God's grace because I've received it and He continues to pour it out on me. I've known about GodTube. It is an awesome sight. Thanks for sharing this today. Truly inspiring.

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage

I have heard of God Tube before but I always forget and just go to U Tube. Thank-you for this reminder and I loved the video.


I didn't know about GodTube. Thanks for the information. I just read what Clif wrote. I want to say Amen to everything he said about you. Thank you for blessing our lives.

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