Saturday, July 17, 2010

Spiritual Sundays ~ Mentoring

My heart and mind has been thinking towards Mentors lately ~ those who have played a role in mentoring me and then there are those who I have been given the privilege and honor of mentoring.

There are two examples that instantly come to mind in regards to teaching other women ~ Titus 2 & the Proverbs 31 woman.

The Lord is specific in that we are to teach, encourage, lead, and exemplify to one another the many things HE details in those Scriptures. I take this role very seriously and I cherish those who have given their time to impart those lessons or plant those seeds into my life. I pray the ground is always fertile, so that, I will bare godly fruit and that all that has been sown into my life will grow and flourish under the tender loving care and instruction of those women who have obeyed this call.

I am one of those who is instantly drawn to those who are older than me....I LOVE to talk and learn, to love and listen to them. My Son is the same way. I believe it is because they have lived long enough to learn that it is best to be authentic ~ what you see is what you get. They have learned many life lessons such as these discussed in Titus 2 and Proverbs 31 and learned Gods ways are best. That "things" are not so important but relationships and family are! That time is precious and to be used wisely. Work hard, be strong, speak truth in love, and to fear the Lord alone. To live a life full of self-control and be prepared for anything.

I know for me I still have sooo much to learn and far more to share as I go but I am thankful for both the opportunity to sow seeds into the lives of the young women the Lord brings into my life as well as those who so lovingly sow into mine!

Who has mentored you? Whose life have you poured into?

I want to thank all of the ladies who participate in Spiritual Sundays because each week I am so blessed by your Wisdom, Love, Encouragement, and Teaching in so many ways! You bless me so! Thank you from the bottom of my heart



Good Morning Loren, A wonderful post. Such a blessing to pray for and encourage one another. Wishing you blessings this weekend.


You, bless my heart. I love you.


Definitely family members. I would give anything to be able to spend some time with my Great Grandmother (she passed away when I was still too young to realize what a fount of knowledge she carried with her). That woman could cook and crochet the most amazing things. My Grandmother who is also gone - she ran her own business (a beauty salon) for 30 years. And my Mom, who is the inspiration for all the creative things I do. If I could tell our young people anything, it would be to tap the knowledge of your elders while they're still around to share it with you!


My mentors have been two types - the dead and the living. My greatest mentors have been Jonathan Edwards, Charles Spurgeon, Thomas Watson, A. W. Pink.

Pators both through their books or in person have mentored me - John MacArthur, Jerry Bridges, John Askins, Don C Hagner, Evert Atkinson.

I have poured my life into men for years. Men's bible studies, Elder training and development, one on one disciples. I love to teach men the Word of God.

Deb Shucka

Hi Loren! Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm so glad to find yours and look forward to coming back often.

I agree that we are meant to mentor each other, and that we can be mentored by both those older and younger than we are. I'm always hungry for wisdom from older women, and love that I get a bit of it from Bernie in this virtual world.


Loren, I feel the same way about mentoring! Thank you for this post and for all of your posts and encouraging comments to me.
I have been mentored by my Mom, Mom-in-law, many very special ladies.
I am trying to mentor younger women in my Bible study, my daughter, and high school girls.
Have a great weekend!
I will be gone all next week to youth camp.

He & Me + 3

Mentors are so wonderful as well as friends that are those that hold you accountable. The ones that mentor by keeping you on track with the Lord.
I have had many people in my life that have made impacts in such ways. I have truly been blessed.
Happy Saturday!

Daughter of the KING

Thank you for this post - it caused a beautiful memory to form as I read. God placed me under the wings of a godly, wise woman years ago. Years and miles have led us down different paths but I will always remember our time together.

Linda J


Good thoughts, Loren. I like to think that reading what others share on Spiritual Sundays is a type of teaching and mentoring. Thank you for being a part of it each week.


Great post. Mentoring is almost a lost art. It's nice to know there are wise people in the world, like yourself, who seek out the wisdom of those older, because I believe we could save ourselves a lot of heartache by doing just that. I tell my daughter often, "I've been 24," as if she might one day listen. LOL!


Good post, Loren.


Like what the verse says in your blog header, it is awesome when we "spur one another towards love and good deeds..." God bless sister Loren and have a great weekend.


I did have some neat people in my life...who believed in me...not all of them were Christians but those people made a huge difference in my life. And I try to be there now for anyone who walks into my life...paying it forward. Thanks for making me think about this...

Ann Griffiths

Hi Loren - I found your post through my Google Alerts on mentoring, and enjoyed reading it.

You're right, God is clear when He says throughout Scripture that we are to encourage, love, and teach one another. I believe that we all mentor everyday and that we're all mentored everyday. But whether we mentor formally or informally, Titus 2 is a mandate that instructs us to come alongside one another. Therefore, it's important that we all learn to be more intentional about it.

You might be interested in a book I recently wrote (published March 2010) called "A Mentor's Fingerprint" with the sub-head Leave a mark. Make a difference. You can find out more about it at
God bless - Ann


I have several mentors and I too learn from older woman and try to be an example to the younger ones.....Staying close to God is important to me and I do that by spending time with him every day......:-) Hugs


Good post and something that we need to think about. You are an encourager. I believe you have the gift of encouragement and you are a blessing to others.

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage

These are my favorite books of the Bible, I love them. What a excellent post, we appreciate you so much thank-you for being a part of Spiritual Sundays.


What a wonderful post and so true. All the wonderful people who participate in Spiritual Sunday are my mentors. I haven’t participated for long. But each week I have been inspired and blessed by so many beautiful writing , videos and verses. God is Awesome!!
Sweet blessings,


Oh, Loren, I think you have really given all of us a good word today. Even though I am older and hopefully have been effective in mentoring many younger ladies, I don't want to get complacent--this is one reason why I love blogging so much--I feel that I can still reach out and at this late date, most of my readers are younger than I. (Not too many older than on the computer, I am sorry to say)

Thank you--it was a great post. I am probably going to quote a sentence or two from you in a post next week if that is okay.

Love you,

Beth E.

I, too, have older people as my mentors...friends and family members have taught me so much.

Great post, Loren!

Dena E's Blog

Having had some truly Special Women in my life mentoring me,that I am aware of now that I am grown up more in my walk with the LORD and can absorb what they are all about..Compared to my early years..I'm so very thankful for having been blessed to know them.. BUT,,,now in my 1st year blogging, and being connected with so many Awesome Women after Gods heart and NOT just on Chruch day Christians either,these are wonderful women blogging everyday for Our Sweet Lord Jesus and for others in this huge blogisphere.They are all mentors , thats what I believe in my heart.. And one day I'd love to be able to so encourage others to KNOW Him more and more personally each day..This past almost year has been such a BLESSING for me when I read blogs such as yours Sweetie,,that spur one another on for HIS GLORY and HIS KINGDOM
through HIS Holy Spirit..
So, I am truly THANKFUL to Awesome Women like you!!! I only wish I could get to know all of you better... Happy Spiritual Sunday ...
Blessings and Hugs Dena


Thank you for this post, Loren. In a time where older people are "discounted", it is nice to hear that you appreciate the wisdom they can offer.


Hi Loren,
I too am instantly drawn to those who are older than me. I love talking to them and learn from them. You are one of them..:) Thanks for this post. So Awesome!

I came by to say that i awarded you with the Pink Award... please come by and get it whenever you can.

Underneath His Wrapping


I think often of the older women who have mentored me and praise God for them. Three have gone to be with the Lord and I miss them. It is so rewarding to pour into another's life. You would make a wonderful mentor. Love your zeal for learning!


I like this post very much! It is well written and you speak so beautifully. The older we are the more wisdom we can share. Thank you for putting this out here so beautifully. Anne

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