Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Fallen Soldier

I am beyond blessed to be a part of this wonderful community ! This small town we live in isn't quite so small anymore but we have maintained the closeness and feel as well!

Monday was a sad reminder of this War that is going on. How many times have I heard on the news about the story of a Fallen Soldier?

Today ~ we honored one of our own.

SPC ANDREW LOONEY served and fought for our Freedom and sadly, He was killed in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber. For some horrible reason we were notified of a church who would be protesting AT HIS FUNERAL. ( Here is the HORRIBLE flyer notifying people to protest.)

We were not going to allow these mean spirited people this opportunity!!! NO WAY NO HOW!

People lined 2 of our major Intersections wearing RED, WHITE AND BLUE and everyone carried a Flag. It was as if September 11 had happened all over again. Some came in their Military Uniforms, Veterans were there and passing out flags to all, Moms, Dads and children lined the streets! All came to tell this Family "Thank you and we are praying for you!" Some of the local businesses put up messages for all to see and letting his family know We are Family!

It was sooo overwhelming to see the sea of Flags flying in each hand until you couldn't see any further and then to FEEL the LOVE in the ATMOSPHERE....It was such a beautiful and solemn experience. It truly shows that in ALL things God works things for Good!

God bless this family and SPC Andrew Looney ~ "Thank you for fighting for MY Freedom"



May God bless this precious family, and God bless America.

The Real Me!

Wow! I got goosebumps just looking at your pictures my friend. And I think it's ridiculous the people that protest those that have lost their lives fighting for THEIR freedom.
I admire your town for NOT letting them win!!!


Loren, Thank you for sharing this! So sad for his family, and so glad that your town honored him in this way!
Hope you have a Terrific Tuesday!
Gabby and I are ready for VBS!

Rona's Home Page

Your community is awesome!


What a touching story this morning. I know you were blessed to be a part of the honoring of such a special person!!

Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren,this is so sad!:( May the God of Peace rule in our "Hearts" today!(and most especially in this young man's Family). The scene of "Flags" displayed were beautiful!, and May The "God of Hope" fill us today with His Love! and "Freedom". Thank you Jesus!


Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

Daughter of the KING

Not part of your community but I too would like to thank SPC Andrew Looney for fighting for my freedom. My heart goes out to his family. Having lost a brother in Viet Nam, I know the cost of freedom.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful post with us today.

Linda J

Daughter of the KING

Sorry, for a second comment but I read the flyer after leaving my first comment. If God is not watching over America, we are in real trouble. However, I know for a fact He is indeed still watching over His children. I am living proof! If only these people would open their ears to hear those who are praising God for His watchful eye.


Steph T.

It was an honor & a joy. I will never forget this moment!! I am praying for his family.


Praying the Holy Spirit will bring a
comfort and peace that passes all
understanding to this precious family.
God IS blessing America!!


I'm proud of your town! My sympathies for the loss of this young man.


What an awesome thing you guys did for this soldier and his family!! Those people are horrible, I still can't believe they get away with all the hate they spread!! I know though that they are so deceived and truly need prayer!!

I was surprised we both posted about this! I love your heart Loren and am so blessed to be friends with you after all these years!!


Your town's response to the protesters was patriotic and passionate. How wonderful. Real Americans I say!

JC Dude

Praying for his family...a hero's family.
Very touching.


He & Me + 3

I have chills. It is so heartbreaking to hear about families losing their loved ones because of war. I am so Thankful for these men and women that risk their lives every day so that I can remain free.
Thank you for sharing this and thank you to Andrew Looney for serving our country.


I am so proud of Owasso, OK! Thank you for sharing this, Loren and God's precious peace on that family and community.


such a touching story. thanks you for sharing with us. praying for the family!


That's amazing. What a beautiful tribute from your community. God bless.


What a special post. Thank you for sharing and honoring this special man who served our country.

God bless you.

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