Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Get your Kicks on Route 66

When I was a little girl my great grand-parents home was a MAGICAL Wonderful place to visit! They were the most kind loving people and even until they were well into their 70's they still went dancing every Friday night in Waco Missouri. Their names were Mama Fay and Floyd and I loved them dearly. They had a game room that had a pool table, pinball machine, and a Pop Bottle machine! I can remember all the wonderful varieties of Pop that we could choose from so when we found out that their was a restaurant near us that carried Old Time Pop in their original bottles ~ WE.HAD.TO.GO!

We loaded up the kids and headed to Arcadia Ok which is only 1 1/2 hours away from us and found the drive on Route 66 to be quite charming! Some businesses have gone out of business and stand deserted while others are still doing well and restoring their original look. But when you drive up to POPS their is absolutely NO MISTAKING it! The soda bottle complete with a straw stands 66ft. tall and at night it is lit up for all the world to see! The parking lot was jammed full of people and the license plates were from all over! Texas, Iowa, Missouri and the Bikers ....OH MY! There were tons of them!

Pops is so unique and we enjoyed seeing all the different varieties and for me it was so neat to have memories of my Mama Fay and Floyds house flood my mind and my pallet as I was able to drink a "Nu Grape" Grape Soda ♥ This pop along with many others were always stocked full in my Papa Floyds pop machine.

Here are a few pics from our Family Day and the trip we shared down Route 66 to POPS

Me and my sweet girl! ♥

Took this pic for you Kim :)

Love Potion #69! LOL

Doesn't this look sooo yummy! They were out of this in their massive refrigerator :(

This was the view from our table during lunch! This stand is unlike any you will find! All the bottles are glued down thank goodness :) No fear of them toppling off onto your head :)

These are the 6 pack boxes that people come in hoards and filled up with their choices of bottled pop @ $2 a bottle! and YES we did bring home a 6 pack of our own!

Original Dr. Pepper when they still used cane sugar instead of High Fructose Corn Syrup!

Please hop over here to my book Blog for the latest review! Texas Roads by Cathy Bryant. YOU.WILL.LOVE.IT!

Hope you all enjoyed seeing just a few of the pops they offered! Have a blessed Tuesday my friends!


He & Me + 3

Great pictures. That would be such a fun place to visit. How cool. I love how everything is so neat and in order. Makes for very artsy pictures. That blue cream soda looks yummy.
My hubs would love that place.
Happy Tuesday!


Very awesome sis, love you.


WOW! Those photos are amazing! Thanks for sharing....I love the retro Dr. Pepper! :)


When I was a little girl, we had "The Pop Shoppee" that we visited. We would go and fill up crates of pop. After we were done, we'd take the empty bottles back and get more. I miss that place!


Oh my gosh... that looks like such a FUN place!! What a great family day! Love the pictures! :)

Girly Muse

That just looks like the funnest place EVER! How CUTE!!! Love the pictures~ the colors are a feast for the eyes!

Mama Fay and Papa Floyd...that makes me smile. So very sweet. XO

The Real Me!

I love that I'm in your psyche now and you think of me when you see either chocolate or coffee! LOL! I'll soon be under your skin. Ha! Ha! I really need to try that Chocolate Soda! I'm intrigued. LOL! Love the picture of you and your daughter!!! Too cute!

Sassy Granny ...

That whole era still makes me grin. I was a youngster during the 50s and 60s, but some of my best memories go back to those days.

Route 66 meanders through Arizona too. Recently I took a trek to Williams and delighted in all the signage, hamburger "joints", and nostalgia.



Great memories, huh!! That's how Dan and I felt when we went. Too bad we didn't get to go on the same weekend, not sure they could have taken both our families at once though, LOL. Glad you had a great weekend with your sweet family!! Love you


Loren, I, Loved. This. Post! and your Memorial Day Thanks post, and all of your posts!
I think we're going to have to try to find a day to make this trip! Think my husband would like it!
Have a fun week!


Now this looks like a totally fun day and time. How neat. I LOVE grape soda but you just can't find it anywhere anymore. Glad you had this time with your family. Loved your pics ~ the one of you and your girl the most. Have a great week Loren...HUGS, Debbie



P.S. If you take route 66 west it puts you in the heart of Victorville!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat



Oh what fun. When we come to visit, you've got to take us there. How cute you and Jenna look! Love your picture!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Beautiful pear tree lane

Hi Loren,
Thank you for sharing theses wonderful memories of your great grandparents, such a blessing.
And to take your children and create more wonderful memories is priceless.The photo of you and your daughter is even more priceless. Just keep making them.
Thanks for visiting and for all of your sweet comments.

Beth E.

What a fun day! I enjoyed the great pics of your Route 66 trip, especially the pic of you and your daughter. You both are absolutely beautiful!

Warren Baldwin

Cool pics, Loren! I forgot you had a book review blog. I'll link over there.

christy rose

Wow! That is such an awesome place! How fun! You got such great pictures too!

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