Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Family Affair, Awards, and JOY!!

Tuesdays Top 5 ~ A Family Affair?

1) My daughter has a blog and is a Fabulous Photographer and has a wonderful way with words! She would love some Followers and is asking for ideas on making summer cash!

2) My husband started a blog to show off his mad Photography skills as well! He also would love some followers! I am encouraging both of them to post daily so maybe if they have comments and followers and not just ME ~ LOL they might just do this!

3) My grandaughter appears in many of my posts!

4) My Son is looking forward to posting more book reviews on my book blog

5) My Mom is soooo sweet to read my blog daily and leave me comments too! Thanks Mom ~ I love you a bushel and a peck xoxoxo

Wanted to thank Kat @Heart2Heart for this award! Isn't it sooo pretty

Thank you Annette ! I love this one :)

This is from my friend Heather! She is a Proud Book Nerd and I just love this girl! :)

Thank you friends for sharing these awards with me and I pass them on to any & all my followers! I am just AWFUL @ awards! I can't pick just one to pass them on to.

Last, but certainly not LEAST! My Dear Friend Angel has an exciting announcement today so go here to share in her JOY!!! Love you Angel!!!


The Real Me!

I promise I'll go check out your daughter's and your husband's blogs. LOL!

And I am so very bad about even POSTING awards. Oy! But congrats on yours my friend.

And my Mom reads my blog but doesn't comment. She's so silly.

He & Me + 3

Wow the blogging is all in the family:) I will stop by and say hi.
Beautiful picture of you and your mom
Congrats on all the awards. You totally deserve them.


I love you sweet sis.

Still Learning

Wow, you just have a whole family full of bloggers. How neat is that? Congrats on your awards too.

Have a great day,


Girly Muse

Ok, I have now checked out both your husband AND your daughter's blogs and they are both great! Your husband is an amazing photographer and I thoroughly enjoy your daughter's writing! She's hilarious. Wonder where she gets that? Hmm. :) So cute.

These pictures of you are gorgeous. You are GLOWING, girl. You look so great.

Enjoy your day. Love you lots.


Yay, I am now following Jenna and Brian!! Too cool!!
Love that Rylee girl, so glad I got to see her yesterday!!
So exciting that Jantzen likes to do book reviews too, he did a great job on the one I read!! Looking forward to more from him.
Awe, MOM, I miss her beautiful face!! You are definitely blessed!!
WOOHOO on all the awards!!
Thanks for announcing my blog!!

Love you bunches!!


Hi Loren,
You dropped by at my blog yesterday. Thanks again. Your blog is very nice and friendly -- it touches my heart seeing those smiley faces you've posted and hey I visited your daughter and hubby's blog. I will follow them too!

Kami Scott-Day

I will definately check out their blogs. Thanks for sharing them with us :)

Warren Baldwin

Neat pictures and updates, esp reading about your daughter's and husband's blogs.



You are such a sweetie! I am so blessed to have "met" you! I'm excited to follow your daughter and hubby, too! ;-) I don't think I'd EVER be able to get my husband to blog.

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