Monday, May 24, 2010

The week ahead

I love this week that we have ahead of us.....Why you ask? Well, I will share :)

Only 3 more days of school and then Summer Vacation begins!

Monday we will be attending our Sons awards assembly in which we have been told he will be receiving some very special awards and they are a surprise to him and to us so we can't wait to see what he will be honored for!! We look so forward to it :)

Brian and I will celebrate our 20 Year Wedding Anniversary ♥ He has taken the day off and I look so forward to spending this day with the Love of my life and the Wonderful Man the LORD made.....JUST.FOR.ME!

Wednesday is the last day of school and Brian & I will be working at Jantzens school at what is called the Sixth Grade Spring Fling! The whole class of 6th graders (around 700+) spend the day outside with every outdoor game imaginable. Dunk tank, tricycle races, jupiter jump, tug a war, etc. It is sooo much fun :) We did this back when Jenna was in 6th grade and have looked forward to this day and honestly can't believe it is already here with Jantzen! My oh my ....Time does fly!

Thursday is the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER VACATION and that means....sleeping in and being lazy! :) The weather here this week is going to be in the 90's already....CRAZY HUH! This also may be my last day of physical therapy! I will know after Mondays session but the Dr. really wants me to rest my shoulders for the next couple of months and then we will see about having the other rotator cuff surgery....or at least start discussing what/when that might be. argh

Friday begins our long weekend and we are tossing around the idea of going camping WOOHOO!

Also ~ I got a button for my blog! Thanks Heather!!! Look to the left right above my followers ~ Didn't she do awesome!! She is the wonderful and oh so talented lady who has Leeloublogs! If you would like to add it please do! She installed it for me and the code is right beneath it :) I just love it ♥

I pray everyone has a blessed week...What is on your calendar?


The Real Me!

Well it sounds busy but fun. And Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby my friend.
I hope you have a fabulous time!!!


I don't know how to begin my greetings whether it's Congratulations or Happy Anniversary first.LOL. Congratulations to Jantzen! Way to go! May the Lord bless you richly and give you discernment in all things. Happy Anniversary to you and DH! May the Lord bless you and give you many, many years together. I love your new look and that button is beautiful! Praying for healing over your rotators cuffs! God bless you sister and may you have a wonderful week ahead!!!Love to you.


I LOVED the sound of your week. This post brought me down memory lane for sure. I soo enjoyed those end of the year festivities with the kids, and then that first lazy day of summer...Doesn't get a lot better...Camping sounds great! Enjoy your anniversary celebrations with your hubby! 20 years..WOW...congratulations...ENJOY your wonderous week! HUGS, Debbie


Can't wait to hear what awards your son got! Our son's awards assembly was last Friday. He got some really great awards.
Today, I am on here to print off my resume' to take to a couple schools, and then am going to try to go finish up at the school I taught at this past year.
Tomorrow, I will get my hair cut and colored and spend time with my daughter and with my parents.
Wednesday, I will spend time with my daughter.
Thursday, our daughter will leave to go work at Falls Creek for the summer, and it is my son's last day of school.
Friday, we celebrate my Dad's 70th birthday, and be with family.
Saturday, be with family some more.
Have a great week, Loren!


I have an urgent prayer request at arise 2 write.


A great week there! I have about two half-days lefts. Bring summer on.....

Steph T.

That Jantzen is something else! What a great kid he is! He deserves whatever award he gets! Proud parents deserve an award for raising him in Jesus too!!

Busy week...but fun week! I am so ready for the lazy days of Summer!! :)
Praying for you,


Congrats to Jantzen, can't wait to hear what award he received!! Happy Anniversary to you and the man of your dreams!! I am so thankful you have him. Last day of school activities sound so much fun, yay for the last day of school!! Believing for a good report on your shoulder and a good break from physical therapy!! YIPPEE for the long weekend, I love it when those come around!! Camping sounds great, wish I could come!! Last but not least, I love your new button!!

Our week is pretty busy too, still need to call you about that review!!

Love you

christy rose

It sounds like you are going to have a great week!! Happy Anniversary to you and Brian!!! Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating your commitment to one another. You are blessed indeed!!! :)



WOW a very busy week indeed. I can't wait til summer is finally here and those lazy days of summer can begin. No more taking kids to school and we can all enjoy this time as a family more.

Congratulations on 20 years of a marriage that has endured! I am praying for another 20 and then some as a classic example to your kids of what mom and dad have made that truly works.

Here is hoping that you are done with your P.T. and you can really rest and relax.

Love your button by the way.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Girly Muse

You DO have a fabulous week ahead! Excited to hear about the awards Jantzen received~ congratulations, Jantzen!

Happy Anniversary, girl! Twenty years~ that is amazing and so wonderful. Enjoy your time together.

And I hope you do go camping! Somehow I think there will be all sorts of good stories in that. :)

Love you!!!


You have a wonderful week lined up. How excited for your son and his awards. I can't wait to hear about his honors! Happy Anniversary! 20 years is so special. We will celebrate #22 this August. I grabbed your button. I was waiting for you to get one. So glad you did! Have a blessed evening!


Wow, sounds like a great week. Have a very happy anniversary. I love you.

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