Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesdays top 10

one ~ Jesus L♥VES you...This I know!

two~ My DH is gone this week *sniff sniff*

three~ I won't have Rylee today :( I have to wait til Friday! My DH ~ her papa didn't want to miss her since he is gone but will be home then so she will be here on Friday....I can't wait :) double to look forward too!!

four ~ I only have 2 more weeks of Physical Therapy....I will miss those girls sooo much! They have become more than just therapists! They are friends and Prayer Warriors!

five ~ It is amazing how much energy I have getting up @ 6am to workout but boy I was ready for bed by 7:30 LOL

six ~ Cannot wait to share my next book review with you guys....This book is a MUST READ!!! SERIOUSLY!

seven ~ making fresh green beans and new potatoes in the crock pot today! YUM plus they are low in calories! :) double winner

eight ~ It is a rainy week this week and we had lots of storms last night....No tornadoes here, Praise the Lord! There was 5 deaths in Oklahoma City and around Norman ~ pray for those families! I can't even imagine what they must be going through.

nine ~ Sunday (Mothers Day) would have been my Dads birthday....I miss him so very much. Normally my brother and I would have spent the week in Florida and attended the TPC Sawgrass Golf Tournament with Daddy. We haven't been home for mothers day in quite a few years. Some days are just really hard! Today while I was at Sams I ran into an old friend who is now a Nurse for Cancer Treatment Centers of America. She knew I had lost Dad and she just listened to me as I shared his final days. She shared some things that really helped me and gave me a peace about those final days and hours. It was truly a Divine appointment! Thank you Lord for allowing me that opportunity! I LOVE how you LOVE ME!

ten ~ Here are some pics my daughter took of the stormy sky last night! She is AWESOME! This was a wicked sky because it was really dark....but look at the color of the sky! WOW!

Love to you all!


The Real Me!

You are a busy bee! And I am so motivated with this shred thing!! YEah!

And I'm sorry that the other day was a hard day for you my friend. Those are going to come but thank the Lord that he sent an angel to help you through in the form of a friend.

Love you girlie!!


I enjoyed reading your list. Sorry your hubbie is gone. Those days are always hard for me too. Funny how things just don't seem quite right when they are away. I am also sorry that Mother's Day was hard and you were missing your daddy so. Praise God He gets you through those tough spots. Green beans and potatoes sound great ~ what time is dinner? haha Have a good day Loren...HUGS, Debbie

Kathy C.

Sorry to hear you don't have your hubby with you this week...:(
But way to go on gettin' up and groovin' to the Shred, hee hee. :)

The photos are beautiful,...but kinda eery too, huh?
Bless you today my friend!


The sky is so pretty in those pictures.
I look forward to the book review you have coming up.
Have a wonderful week!


I am trying to be thankful today for the time I have had with my sweet Macy (cocker spaniel). She is not doing well and we have an appointment at the vet this afternoon. She is 16 1/2 years old. She and I have been through so much, together. It is just hard...some may say: She is just a dog...but for me she is my baby girl.
Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

Angel Muly

Sorry your sweet hubby is gone, stink!! Too bad our guys can't plan these trips to coincide so we could sniff together!! Yay, for the end of physical therapy!! Hilarious that you were so energize at 6 am and so ready for be by 7:30, I'm still not a morning person either, no matter how hard I try. Love, love, love green beans and new potatoes, just a bit jealous!!!

I know you are really feeling your loss right now and I am praying and lifting you up!! Love Jenna's pictures, she is really good.

Love you


Fresh green beans and new potatoes! YUM!!!! Double yum for low in calories!!!!!


Awesome post, those photos are fantastic.

Girly Muse

What gorgeous pictures! That sky is beautiful.

So thankful you haven't had the tornadoes right there.

Will be praying the time passes quickly until DH and Rylee get there. :)

And so thankful that you had comfort on your daddy's was just so sweet of God to give you that time with your friend.

Have a great rest of the day. Love you!

He & Me + 3

Good job shredding. I hope you are not in too much pain. Love those pictures. Amazingly beautiful.
Sorry that hubs is away.
So thankful that Jesus loves me.


Sorry your honey is gone, Loren! We just don't feel complete without them home, do we?

About your glad you are able to talk with someone that understand and maybe even help your pain. Sometimes it is just finding that one person that understands. Thankfully there is ONE that understand also and He is is always right there ready to listen.

Love to you my friend! Stay safe...if not dry. We have a lot of rain on hand for this week too.



OK you seriously have me on pins and needles wanting to know just what book have you been reading lately?? I need to get some books off to you in the mail but I am waiting to see if I have any more good reads coming up soon. I love your list and congratulations on seeing an end to your physical therapy in sight! WOO HOO! Do you see me dancing, trust me you honestly wouldn't.

I am posting Cait's prom pictures and our garden pix tomorrow on my post. Can you believe it no book review for me?

Love and miss you tons of noodles!

Kat >^..^<


Glad your hubby will be home soon! It's hard losing a parent, isn't it? I don't think you can ever truly prepare to lose someone you love!

It's been two years since my dad went Home to be with the Lord, and I know I'll see him again some day. But I miss him!


I've seen the news about the tornados and immediately prayed for blogging friends who I know are from OK. And for the people affected by them. So glad to hear you're okay! May God's comfort, healing and protection always be with you dear sister in Christ. Love to you.

Five Moms & A Blog

Recently I bought some glass stuff at Goodwill and when the guy set it in the bag he didn't do it carefully. You could hear the glass knocking onto the counter and I asked "Could you please wrap that in newspaper or something?"

~ Nan

Warren Baldwin

Your daughter is a good photographer!

Read your nice comments on Alisa's blog. Thanks.

Do you follow her blog? I think you would enjoy it. John Mark Hick's blog, too. He is the theologian in Nashville.

Faith Imagined

What a bittersweet list! God does know how to love us best!!!

Love the pictures too!!!


1. :) I'm so thankful for that!!!!!
2. :( I bet you can't wait till he gets back!
3. :) 2 for one! LOVE it!
4. The physical therapist that I had was a wonderful woman of God as well. I miss her! You made me think... I really should just stop in and see her! Thanks!
5. I should start getting up early to do my workouts. That's how I did it last time when I was losing weight. I would get up about 5:30 and then would go to bed early. My workouts are now at 2:30. I think I would rather get it done early again. Only thing thats different is I have a new little one. When I was doing it before my son was 1 year old and slept through the night and would wake up at 8. My daughter gets up all through the night to eat and uses me as a paci so I don't know if I could get up without her knowing :)
6. I can't wait for your review!!!
7. YUM!!!
8. I WILL remember to pray for these families!
9. Sorry to hear you don't have your dad here anymore. Today was my dads birthday 50. I spoke with him. Some years his birthday also falls on Mother's Day. PLEASE say a prayer for salvation and deliverece from alcohol. I'm glad you ran into her:)
10. What beautiful pictures!!! I hope that one day I can get a good camera so I can take pics like that as well! She did a great job!

Well, I wanted to visit you before I read my Bible, prayed and went to bed. I'm glad I did for many reasons and one being that these families really need prayers at this time! Goodnight sister!



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