Friday, May 28, 2010


Ok this has continued to make me laugh since Tuesday and when it happened I KNEW immediately I had to share it this week for my Friday Funny! Please join Kim here for Friday Funnies.

Tuesday my husband and I were out celebrating our anniversary and we went into Williams Sonoma. I wore "My Husband Rocks" tshirt.

(This model shows off my shirt best :) Go here if you want to order one :)

Anyway, we were walking around and the sales associate says to me "Look at you, that shirt is so awesome!" I smiled and said "Thank you. He does! (rock!)" She looked at my husband and said "Awww ~ you rock huh????"

Brian looked her square in the eye and very calmly says "I'm not her husband."

! I whipped around so fast and said "BRIAN COLEMAN ~ you are sooo lying!" Everyone in the room was cracking up!!! So I went with it and said "See why he rocks??!!"

I love my husband ~ my very very ornery husband! ;) I told you he makes me laugh everyday!

I HAD to share my good news today! I received a picture text on Thursday morning :)

Can you Believe it ????? I am going to be a NONI ♥ again :) We are very excited! Rylee is going to have a baby brother or sister some time early next year :) Praying for this sweet baby already!!!!

Have a blessed and beautiful Memorial Day weekend friends! Love on your family today ~ thank a Veteran or someone who is serving for OUR FREEDOM!



Congrats, that is awesome news sweetie.

The Real Me!

Oh that story CRACKS ME UP! And believe me, today I need that!!!
And congrats on being a Noni again!!! Yay!


hahaha Your right, that was funny, and he DOES rock...CONGRATULATIONS on being a Noni again! Just doesn't get much better than another sweet blessing like that. Have a wonderful week-end. HUGS


Your DH is funny! But I can't imagine that lady's face when she heard his answer? Good one!

Congratulations to you! And your daughter...May you all have a great Memorial Day weekend. Take care sister Loren. God bless.

Steph T.

OH MY GOSH Brian is so funny! I love it!! I am crackin up girl!! I want one of those shirts now!!!

Congrats again Noni...that pregnancy test still scares me a little too look at...LOL!!! Funny story...I'll tell it someday. Let's just say...I took 7 when I found out I was prego with Lauren...just didnt' believe it!! Haha!
Love you!


Congratulations on the new little life the Lord has blessed you and your family with!!!! How great is that!!!

And your shirt is so cute. I want one. My Hubby plays guitar and just got his first real gig for Wednesday at a local place. I am going to look into getting that shirt right now!!!! Have a blessed week!!!!



Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys

He sounds like a great hubby.....and congrats on the new baby to be!

Kami Scott-Day

Congrats on the new baby!! And love the story about Brian :)

He & Me + 3

Too funny! Brian gave that girl a minor embarrassment attack. He is so witty. Love it!
congrats Noni:)
Have a great weekend!


Oh yeah, he sounds like an ornery hoot! My Hubby and I will hit 25 years in July and I firmly believe one of the main reasons we have had such a good marriage is that we laugh every day. And since my Hubby is an ornery hoot, too, he is the main reason why! How fun to get the test results in a text message. Congrats on your Noni-ness!

Kathy C.

That comment from your hubby cracks me up...sounds like something my hubby would say, almost exactly, LOL.
Congratulations on new grandbaby! :) :) :)


Aw, congrats!! How exciting!!

And - that is so hilarious about your husband freaking out the poor sales associate!! That is my kinda humor! =-D

christy rose

Oh my! He is so funny! That sounds like something my husband would do!! LOL

And congrats on being a noni again!!! How exciting!!!


Loren, Congratulations on being a Noni again:) That is great. Hope you will keep us updated. How are you feeling? Many Blessings,

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