Monday, May 3, 2010


This weekend I guess I could say the "Spring cleaning bug" officially HIT!!! Can I get an "Amen ~Halleluah!!" or maybe I should get a "It's about time girl!!" LOL

Oh man....As I type I am thinking to myself...."Loren, you know better, you are a blogger and you should have taken before and after pics for your blog!" DRATS! I didn't do it :(

I cleaned out my pantry....IT.WAS.DREADFUL

I cleaned out my fridge....IT.WAS.EMBARASSING

I cleaned out my mud room.....IT.WAS.THE.EASIEST :)

I changed out my closet from Winter to Summer along with my dresser drawers.....I.DREADED.IT.MOST!

THANK YOU Lord for my Sweet Husband who came in just when I was about to give up and helped me finish :) I ADORE THAT MAN OF MINE!!!

For today my clothes hang in the closet all color coordinated AND the clothes in the drawers are folded neatly and IT.FEELS.GOOD!!

We had a good ole Redneck Friday night that I am trying to load the video onto my computer for a later post but it was so much fun....My son, his friend and my DH along with Jenna's boyfriend blew up a giant stuffed horse....IT.WAS.HILARIOUS!

What did you all do this weekend?? Do share and know I love you all!

Happy Monday :)


The Real Me!

Oh you are my kind of people my friend. And congrats on getting some cleaning done. It does feel good!!

Girly Muse

I am so impressed! Makes me want to get on the bandwagon! :)

I cleaned out my garage Saturday...which was in desperate condition, so whew! HAVE to do the whole Winter to Summer Clothes Switcheroo, ugh.

Your house must feel so good!

And can't wait to see your redneck night. haha

He & Me + 3

Send that cleaning bug my way. I want to but can't find the time. Grrrr.
Good for you. I want a color coordinated closet again.
Happy Spring:)
A blow up horse? LOL


There is just nothing quite like the feeling of cleaning something out that was in desperate need. I did my closet a few weeks back and oh how I have enjoyed it. Mine was soo bad...It had been a good long while. The pantry followed a couple of weeks later. I am in awe that you would do all of these things in one week-end. You go girl. haha Have a wonderful day Loren...HUGS


That bug is a nasty bug, huh? Yet when it is done you feel amazing!!! Good for you and I know you are enjoying the fruits of your to speak! How come right when you are about finished, it feels almost overwhelming? I have about 3 rooms left to do and we are about wrapped up.


Sounds like a very productive weekend. Maybe you should visit my house...but plan a breakdown upon the site of my mess!

christy rose

I so need to get some spring cleaning done! HELP! LOL


WOW, you accomplished a lot this weekend. I think I will clean out my fridge today. I think there are some things growing near the back. Have a blessed day!

Steph T.



Woo Hoo, you were a busy little bee, buzz buzz, lol I love your new blog look, and I love you.


Thank you for your kind comments. I hope you enjoyed the challenge as much as I did. Glad to have been a blessing to you as well as others.

Beth E.

Wow...pat yourself on the back for everything you accomplished!!! And then, to top it all off, you had a Redneck Friday Night?! Sounds like my kind of night! ;-)

What did we do? Our youngest son took a friend of his to her senior prom. So...the entire weekend was filled with prom preparations. It was a busy, but fun time.

The Not So Perfect Housewife

Sounds like you did a great job- with a little help from your hubby!!

Love the new look to the blog!! How cute!


First of all....I REALLY like your new background. Puts a smile on my face! Secondly, all I have in my mind is the picture of you, 16 yrs. old. Me walking into your room, then backing out on tip toes & slowly closing the door. You know....the clothes on the floor, the dirty dishes under the bed....all that stuff. And then...TA DAAAAAA!!! This beautiful young woman, my daughter, is so creative, so organized, just so absolutely awesome! Way to go honey!!


You can come over and visit me anytime!! The spring cleaning bug is much needed over here : ) Your blog is looking delightfully springy as well, I might add!

I'm motivated to organize now...but we'll see how long that lasts!!

Cherie Hill

My goodness girlfriend!!! I LOVE your "springy" blog!!!! Sounds like you are one blessed woman to have a husband like that! :) Praying you have a blessed rest of the week! Sounds like you've got everything in order! ;)
With joy,

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