Tuesday, May 18, 2010

10 Reasons why I didn't blog yesterday

Tuesdays' Top 10 (10 reasons I didn't blog yesterday)

1) After my quiet time my Mom surprised me and joined me in working out with me! Day 8 of the 30 Day Shred, completed with my MOMMA ♥

2) After we worked out we cleaned up and went to lunch at this wonderful place called the Pecan Porch! Tortilla soup and 1/2 a sandwich w/ green tea.....YUM

3) We picked up my son from school and went to AT&T store to connect Moms bluetooth to her car. She got a new phone for Mothers Day from my Stepdad....She said "I'm in the 21st century now !!!" LOL I love my momma!

4) Headed to Target to get Diapers and goodies for my grandbaby who would be arriving shortly!

5) got a distressed call from my brother and we talked....praying for him as he is going through a rough time. I know he is right where he needs to be and I pray He can see the Lord in all of this because ONLY HE can minister and heal him completely

6) My husband had to go to OKC very early due to the Hail storm and tornadoes. They hit his store there. The hail was golf ball size and busted out windows and went straight through the ceiling in the warehouse. So he spent the day trying to fix the roof as you can only imagine there were no roofing companies available for miles and miles! HE was there 7am to 9pm working to get it where it wouldn't leak and they could continue with business as usual. He left there at 9 and still had the two hour drive home ahead of him! HE was exhausted! Here are some pics of the damage. The people said it looked like a snow storm after the hail was done falling.....BIZARRE!

Those holes are the size of the hail. It went straight through those condensing units on the air conditioner.

Here is the HAIL! HUGE

7) Arrived home got things picked up and fed everyone

8) My Rylee arrived and we played, colored, went outside to swing. Came in took a bath and had a popsicle in the tub :)

9) read books with Rylee and rocked her to sleep praying over her as always and thanking the LORD for the gift of being a NONI ♥

10) picked up everything AGAIN. Waited on my hubby to get home and prepared this post. IT WAS A CRAZY MONDAY!

Joy comes in the morning.....HALLELUAH :)


The Not So Perfect Housewife

Oh my goodness!! Those hail balls are crazy big!!
And sounds like you had quiet the busy day...
Hope this day is a little bit less 'exciting' for you..

The Real Me!

I would say those were all valid excuses my friend.
And I've seen a couple of posts about that hail storm from different people. That's crazy and I feel bad for your hubby! What a long day that was.

Marsha's Mpressions

Mondays are like that, yea they are. Love the end - Joy comes in the morning.


I saw pictures of the hailstorm on the weather channel last night and thought about you.

Blessings, hugs, and prayers,


I never saw hail that big! I prayed for your husband and the business and your brother. Have a great Tuesday!

Love you,


That hail is huge, wow. I love you my friend.

Beth E.

Gracious, what a day! I can understand why you haven't blogged!

I've had a busy week, but nothing like what you've had to deal with. Praying for all of you!

He & Me + 3

Some days are like that my friend. It is ok to take a break. I did that on Saturday...just far to busy to sit at the computer or even gather one thought.


Sounds like a very crazy day. So, those reasons are acceptable for not blogging.

Those hail stones are huge! We had a ton of hail drop on us a few days ago in a short period of time, but thank God it was not that size.


Wonderful reasons not to blog!

have a great evening!


I wondered about you, I told Dan it wasn't like you to not post but I knew you had text me earlier. Your day sounds like it was crazy!! Mine was too and today wasn't much better. I cannot believe that hail though. So cool that your mom surprised you and you got to work out with her. Sorry to hear about Tony, I am praying for him. So glad you got to spend the day with Rylee, that always makes everything better. Believing today was better!! Love you

Sheila (Bookjourney)

That was a crazy Monday - and wow look at the size of that hail! Hope that the next days go better for you :)


Seriously Loren,

I have never seen the damage that big of hail can do. I heard about it and now I understand when they say you can be killed by these. I love that you took the day off and spent it with those you love. Sounds like a great way to spend the day.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Girly Muse

Oh my goodness! That hail!!! It's ginormous! So thankful your DH is safe and sound, but so sorry for the damage to his store! :(

Praying for your brother too. Get him on my brain some days and pray he's alright.

So glad your Rylee is around to brighten your days...and EIGHT days of The Shred!!!! You're on a roll! Proud of you!

Love youuuuu! :)


Oh, wow, makes me dread the weather that AR is supposed to get tomorrow coming from your direction.

Cute, cute post. Hope you don't care if I use that same idea for a post.

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