Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Monday

This is going to be a CRAZY week!

Today....I have the aches, chills, sniffles, did I say aches??? And tomorrow we are suppose to leave to take Jenna to Dallas for a couple of days!!! Mom gave this to her for Christmas so I am praying I will be F-I-N-E in the morning!!!!

This weekend we will be heading to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee to spread SOME of Daddys ashes. I will be home a total of 2 days this week so if I don't come visit please forgive me....

I will be sharing with you all tomorrow about the Fundraiser for the Buck Family! It was a HUGE SUCCESS! They truly are a precious family and I am sooo thankful so many came out to support John and help him in his fight against Cancer!

Please go here and Follow me on my new book blog and read the latest book review....This was a Suspense/Murder Fiction book that I enjoyed! So please go check it out!

I am going to take something and maybe have a nap....the weather is calling my name...cold and rainy ....doesn't that just scream..... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Have a blessed day



Wowza... you are going to have a busy week! I hope you are feeling better!! I love rainy days... they do just scream SLEEP! You are just going to be all around this wonderful country this week! :) How special that you are taking your dad's ashes to the mountains... beautiful! Safe travels!
Love ya,


I will be praying for you, sweet one! I am blessed and honored to storm the heavens on your behalf....lots of hugs, andrea


Loren, I do pray you are feeling better right away. Whatever bug we have had at this house has been somewhat of a nightmare. I am still sick. = ( You have a lot of plans for this week, so I will pray they will go just fine. Soo glad to hear the Fundraiser went well. Enjoy your nap, rainy days are perfect for that...Hugs, Deb

Steph T.

Girl! I am feeling you on the weather and such! I have had a migraine all day long! I did manage to clean out my closet...Oh my word! I can't begin to thank you enough for that amazing book. I have decided to meet with our younger staff wives and mentor them thru the book. See how God is using you thru this book! I will be praying for you as you go on your trip. I am sure that is going to be an emotional time for you and your family. Hope you will take time to blog about it so we can all "be there with you" in the moment. Now get to feeling better for that trip!! Love ya!

Kaz and Amy

You will have a busy week! I hope you feel better! That books looks amazing! Can't wait to hear more about it!



I will pray that you will be just F-I-N-E in the morning, precous one! Have a great trip.



Praying for you sweetness and hope that your travels go smoothly and that you wake up feeling refreshed and at peace. I hope that you celebrate each day you are gone and realize how many people loved your daddy and now love you. You keep his spirit alive in everything you say and do.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

He & Me + 3

Oh no...feel better soon. so glad the fundraiser was a success.


I am sorry you aren't feeling well. I'll be praying that you do soon and that you get all the rest that you need. I am really enjoying your book blog!

Girly Muse

Aw, man, now, don't be sick!!! Will be praying that the rest tonight will be the healing more sickness, in Jesus' name.

Have a wonderful trip/trips...will be thinking about you and your family.

And I'll tell you a little won. :)

Love you, Loren!


So sorry you are not feeling well, praying you feel much better very soon. So glad the benefit was a success. You will be very much in my thoughts and prayers this weekend, love you bunches.


Praying for you.....healing prayers as well as safe traveling prayers......

be well~


Sorry to read that you aren't totally up to pare Loren! Hope it passes quickly because it truly sounds like your life will be keeping you busy this week. I will be thinking of you and your time in the Smokey Mountains. I am sure that will be a bittersweet trip. Hugs to you my friend!!!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

oh, sweet girl - I am praying for you! May the Lord minister healing to you and comfort.

Love you so!


I hope you get to feeling better! It is a bummer to feel sick but especially when you have such a busy week. Hang in there!

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