Monday, February 22, 2010

What is your name?

I hope everyone had a blessed weekend....don't they just go wayyyy tooo fast???!!! It seems Friday comes and then before we know it we blink and it's Monday already...

I wanted to share this video with you all....We are the body of Christ....If We claim to be Christians then we bear the name of JESUS....

If any of you watch the Biggest Loser, (we do and LOVE it!!!) you may remember Sean from last season. He left early on but it was his reason for leaving that most affected me. He and his partner Antoine, knew they couldn't stay in place of the largest woman who had ever come to the Biggest Loser Ranch. He sacrificed himself for Shae, because she needed to remain on the ranch and receive healing and the help to change her life and the choices she had made to get her there. You see, Sean is a youth pastor and he happens to be from Oklahoma. He came to church and shared his testimony a few weeks ago. We were learning about our influence on others. Sean shared with us that when he was asked by the shows producers "You are a Youth Pastor? Sean said "Yes, I am." They asked Sean "Are you sure that is what you want to be?" Confused Sean said "Yes, why are you offering me a job?" (I have to share here that Sean is quite the funny young man and was only kidding in this question but here is the point of their question) "We want you to understand that if you are claiming to be a Youth Pastor you are the face and example of all Christians and we will put ALL you do in front of millions of people~ Are you sure this is what you want to do?" Wow talk about influence! Sean told them "YES, I am certain this is what I want." Sean knew the God had led him there and prayed that he would bring glory and honor to the Lord for allowing this opportunity! I have to say as a fan of this show I was so struck by him and can say without a doubt he completely brought glory to the Lord and for believers as well.

Everyday we have an opportunity and although it may not be in front of millions of people we must know that an audience of one can be just as important!

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Have a blessed Monday everyone


The Real Me!

What a cool story. And how neat that you got to hear and see him in person. I love that he was so confident in who he was as a Christian that he didn't even think twice about it.
Love you my friend.


Oh Loren I just LOVED this. It really is how we need to live our lives too. We just never know who is watching us, but we certainly do know why. The enemy loves nothing more than to see us fail and wants everyone else to see it as well. I just this season started watching the biggest loser. I love it too. I would have liked to have seen the youth pastor on there. My son who is the youth pastor talks frequently about the calls he STILL gets from his old high school friends who can't believe he is doing what he does. He was (really still is ~ just with a different crowd) a VERY popular guy. It saddens him sometimes to realize how much influence he had before he gave his life to the Lord and didn't know it. But do they ever watch him now. A couple of his friends have finally joined him with changed lives and different paths. A changed life is really the biggest miracle of all. Thanks for this little reminder to all of us this morning. It is just soo true. Have a great day Loren, and thanks for the encouraging words on my blog yesterday. Hugs, Debbie


What a great post Loren!

We watch Biggest Loser and love it too! Of course we remember Sean, but what a wonderful story you shared about him. It is so very true when we claim to be Christians it is not something to take lightly but we do have to proclaim we are not our own...we are His. Thanks so much for sharing.

Kathy C.

Loren, that was an awesome video. Funny, it brought tears to my eyes...there is just that deep realization when we are reminded that Christ lives IN us! What an incredible opportunity our lives become when we continually think that way.
Have a blessed day my friend!


Great message. I admire Sean's confidence.


Thanks for sharing this, love you.


I love to watch The Biggest Loser. I remember Sean, he was great on there. You could tell he was different from the others. I can't remember what the incident was. But they all got mad at one of the players, and I remember him saying. I don't agree with what they did but I forgive them. I said right then, he's not like all the others. Then it came out that he was a youth pastor and that explained it.

He & Me + 3

That was awesome. I don't watch that show so I didn't know that about Sean...awesome. The video puts it into perspective. thanks for sharing.


How neat to be able to hear Sean speak... he sounds so inspiring! Great video... thank you for sharing that today! It's perfect!

Love & Blessings,



I must confess that I used to be a huge Biggest Loser fan but gave up a few seasons back. I too, love that people realize the needs of others before their own is showing so much more than what people see on TV. This person just revealed his truest character and one that will not be forgotten.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

oh, wow! great post Loren! He sees like an amazing young man.


That was a great story and the video, too! Jesus in us...Hard to grasp...But that's the truth. Blessings to you sister! Love you in Christ.

christy rose

That is so cool that you got to see him in person! And what an opportunity for him that he did not back down to! :)

Steph T.

That video still gives me goose bumps!

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