Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pursuing L♥ve

Love is patient, Love is kind. It does not envy, it does not Boast, it is not proud. 1cor 13:4

This week in Pursuing Love we are sharing as Marsha put it "The unloving twins" ~ boasting (bragging) and arrogance or trying to make others jealous of what we have. I appreciate how she shared this as well.
"While jealousy puts people down, bragging and arrogance puts ourselves up much higher than we desire." That statement right there immediately makes me think of small children and hearing them say "Well, I am better than you or I did better than that!"

We do think more highly of ourselves at times than we ought! Pride and Arrogance are so ugly! Not only are they ugly but they lead to false emotions/satisfaction. This can lead us to needing/wanting more and more of that feeling. How many have gone down the path starting out in love, honestly serving and end up experiencing praise and appreciation and how quickly it turns into just puting in the time and before you know it ~ we feel we deserve to receive the glory because afterall, we have done sooo much for the situation. In Proverbs 8:13 The Word tells us that the Lord HATES Pride and Arrogance!

I learned a few years ago to always always ask myself this question when doing something ~" Loren....what is your motive? and who is this about ....YOU or The person in which you are doing something for?" When we are honest with ourselves and ask ourself these questions, we will know if we are wanting the glory or if we are willing to do something even if we never get any glory whatsoever! This is sooo important in ministry! If someone is in a ministry and they are wanting to do it for the attention or for their name it will prove to be disastrous but if you are in the ministry to serve and to bring glory to the Lord then it will be blessed and well, so will you!

None of us are above being Prideful and Arrogant and for me I know it is something to always keep in check seeking the Holy Spirit and making sure my motives are in line with what God wants not what I want, or what I desire. Everyone loves a good pat on the back but when we receive one in a humble manner ~ Oye! It means sooo much more to us and more importantly to HIM!

Thank you Marsha ~ please go here and join her in Pursuing Love!



Such a great, truthful post sweetie.

Steph T.

I know I have to ask myself this and pray about it all the time and make sure I am giving him the Glory...not myself. Thanks for this Loren!!


This was a great post Loren. I think in today's world pride and arrogance are pushed at our kids to truly dangerous proportions. It is of course called self esteem but there is a fine line I think. Where it is important to take pride in your work and do your best it is soo often turned into a competition where not only is it important you do your best, it MUST be better than everyone else as well. I also hate how the world has turned ball players into heros. I feel for our kids today. Being the best has made for a really stressful life for many. I also think you are right in suggesting it exists in our Christian world too. As of course it does. It is important to examine our motivations and hearts to see just what it is we are hoping to accomplish. Lots to think about here, thanks for posting this. Have a great day!


I enjoyed your post. That's a great way to think about it and to ask yourself that question to find out the motive.
Each week I believe I've gained something from this pursuit of love.

God bless you,



Oh I wait when those two raise their ugly heads in our lives and in our homes. Dealing with their removal can be difficult but not impossible! This is a great post and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

christy rose

"What is your motive, Christy?" That will always tell me what is truly going on in me for sure!! This was an excellent post Loren!


Great post, Loren!

I'm an "up front" kind of person. If something needs to be said publicly, I'm usually the one asked to do it. I don't mind, but I really have to keep my motives in check because of it.

Most of the time, when I've been told, "Good job!" or "I really enjoyed that, talk" I find myself not knowing how to respond. I'm real uncomfortable with being given praise or even a thank you after I speak. It's just awkward to know how to respond. I usually try to point it right to the Lord by saying something like "I'm so thankful the Lord blessed you."

Thanks for participating, Loren!

Have a great weekend. We're bracing for more snow tonight. :(

He & Me + 3

what a great post. I think we all should ask ourselves that very question before we do anything. What are our motives? It is often all to easy to do things for recognition.


Such a good post! It's hard sometimes to recognize it in our own lives, and you are right that we need the Holy Spirit to reveal it to us and we have to remain open to His correction! I need to continually have God check my motives!!


That's what I always ask the Lord. To remove if there's any "pride" in me. Daily. And that whatever I do, say or think will always go back to Him, not for my own benefit...Great reminder sister Loren. I will keep that question always in my mind: "What is your motive for saying or doing this or thinking this, Rosel?" Love ya sister.

Beth in NC

Oh Loren, you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned ministry. Nothing else will expose wrong motives better. Ministry seems to bring any issues to the forefront.

Great post.


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