Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pursuing L♥ve

I just love this Series that Marsha from Marsha's Musings is doing on Pursuing L♥ve! This week we are sharing Love is Kind

kind1  [kahynd] Show IPA
–adjective, -er, -est.
1. of a good or benevolent nature or disposition, as a person: a kind and loving person.
2. having, showing, or proceeding from benevolence: kind words.
3. indulgent, considerate, or helpful; humane (often fol. by to): to be kind to animals.
4. mild; gentle; clement: kind weather.
5. British Dialect. loving; affectionate.

1. mild, benign, benignant, gentle, tender, compassionate. Kind, gracious, kindhearted, kindly imply a sympathetic attitude toward others, and a willingness to do good or give pleasure. Kind implies a deep-seated characteristic shown either habitually or on occasion by considerate behavior: a kind father. Gracious often refers to kindness from a superior or older person to a subordinate, an inferior, a child, etc.: a gracious monarch. Kindhearted implies an emotionally sympathetic nature, sometimes easily imposed upon: a kindhearted old woman. Kindly, a mild word, refers usually to general disposition, appearance, manner, etc.: a kindly face.

Antonyms: Cruel

I just had to throw the one and only antonym in there! After all those synonyms, you would think that there would be at least a few antonyms ~ NOPE .... There is only 1 and it's a biggie! It should be easy for us to say ~ NO I am NOT CRUEL!! But we are or at least I am or can be.

In Proverbs (11:16) we learn "A kindhearted woman gains respect"
(12:25) " A kind word cheers you up"
Also, If we are kind to the poor it honors the Lord Proverbs 14:31

Yes, I can say I am an encourager, I have been known to help the needy but I have learned most it is how we act in our own homes and behind all the closed doors that matters the most. I will never forget hearing the speaker at a conference share about having a fight with their husband and someone knocked on the door and it happened to be their pastor. They both went from screaming at each other to puting on smiling faces with a kind tone and asked him in. He had heard the yelling and clearing his throat asked "Well, I don't want to interrupt ~ is everything ok?" The wife just smiled and said "OH YES, we are GREAT! So glad you came by!" LOL Yes, it is funny but isn't it so very true! We can treat our husbands and children one way but when we are in public or certainly at church we can be known to put on a whole new face. I want to be the same woman no matter where I am but I especially want my children to see an authentic woman of God. A woman who is Kind and loving no matter where I am. I have learned the only way to do this is to seek the help of the ONE who is truly Kind! The only example of kindness that is true and holy ~ JESUS. I know that with HIM I can do ALL things and when I don't, I praise and thank HIM for GRACE and MERCY!

Please go join in with Marsha and share how you are pursuing love here



Great post.

christy rose

Several years ago I taught on the nature and character of God being that God is Love. We studied what love really was. We spent several weeks discussing kindness. I had always thought that being kind was just being nice. But, truly it is being nice to someone who does not deserve it. If you are nice to someone who is nice to you, that is not considered kindness. But when you reach out to love on someone with a kind gesture, that has not treated you so well or done nothing toward you at all, that is kindness. Oh my, Love is so kind! I am so thankful for His heart of kindness toward me that it melts this girl's heart and makes me want to reach out in kindness toward others too.
This was such a great reminder for me Loren. Thanks! :)


If the Lord didn't find me, I probably wouldn't see myself as "cruel" at my work place as that seems to be the norm. Both from inmates and some of the staff. Thanks be to God for His loving kindness that gets rubbed off to those who seek Him. And that's what I seek Him more.

Thank you for sharing this with us. And may the Lord continue to guide you, bless you, protect you. Love is His greatest attribute. And I'm glad that you're pursuing it, and in return, you bless us so much by sharing what you learned. To God be the glory! Love you sister Loren.

Beautiful pear tree lane

As always I am so blessed by your post. Great thoughts on kindness, and you are so right how our family sees us is what matters most. Loved the story of what happened with the speaker and her unexpected visitor. Can I be related to it? LOL Great post Loren.


Loren you have hit on an area I have been giving A LOT of thought to recently. It is soo hard sometimes to put on the same face at home where you can "let it all hang out" in essence, and yet let it NOT be a license to act unkindly or in a way you NEVER would out in the world around church friends or neighbors etc. Very hard indeed. And yet these are the people who we should be treating this way ALL the time and I am afriad are the ones who see your REAL heart. Thanks for sharing this. Definitely something I have been working on. Have a good day. Hugs, Debbie

He & Me + 3

This post hit me. I want my kids and others to see that of me too. Thanks for sharing.


I was trying not to giggle when I read this post, because it reminds me of when I am upset with the kids and having a conversation...the phone rings, and I put on my sweet voice. You said it so well...we really are only as good as the way we treat those closest to us.

Thanks for the reminder that kindness starts at home.


Oh if you could have only heard my voice last night! I ragged my poor dear husband for not coming home till 8 when I was sick with the kids--I was def. not practicing kindness in that moment! And how God has convicted me! Only He can do that work within me! I want His kindness to spill out of me!

Tea With Tiffany

I want integrity and a pure heart at home and away. I know many Christians who are two different people. One outside the home and one inside. Ouch. I pray that God will live in and through me each day. I don't want to be a hypocrite. My kids are watching and listening.

Kindness is one way to love. I love this post.

Thanks for sharing this eye opening example. Lord, help us all live in Your perfect love.


Sitka has an award for you at All Gods Creatures.

Sassy Granny ...

I can't think of "kind" without thinking of my mother. It's a commodity in short supply these days. May we that call ourselves by His name find it among our arsenal for loving the world around us.



Excellent, instructive post. Years ago when I lived in Southern California. I went to the home of a deacon to visit. When I got up to the door I could hear them screaming at each other. I waited for just a few minutes and decided it would be best to just quietly leave before they discovered I was there. They never mentioned seeing me there and I never brought it up either. We were the best of friends and remained that way over the years. If I had rang the doorbell that evening I might never have seen him at church again. She would have continued to come.


Oh I know I need help with this one! That one antonym really speaks volumes! Great lesson Loren.


So true, and that's a great illustration for this week's theme.

God bless you.

Julie The Surrendered Scribe

So true, so true! I wrote a devotional a few years ago about a tote bag I carried that had room for pictures. I never put in real pictures, just kept the fake model poses. I'd go to church with that bag and remind myself here I go with my fake family...fighting all the way to church and ready to smile and praise the Lord when we walked through the door! I still have that tote bag as a reminder!

I enjoy your blog so much. I usually receive it off Google reader and it truly is a highlight of my reading day.

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