Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pursuing L♥ve

I l♥ve meeting new friends here in this blogging community! I l♥ve seeing Christ in them as well! I just recently met Marsha from Marsha's musings. She is going to be doing a series on L♥VE for the next 14 weeks!! I know she would l♥ve it if you joined in!

This first week is L♥ is Patient Wow, what a way to start out with a bang huh?!

Some of her questions are....

Have you ever built a wall around you to protect your wounded heart from being hurt?
In what way(s) do you drink deeply of His love for you?
Do you have a passage of Scripture about God being patient in His love towards us you’d like to share?

In answer to the first question...YES! I have built some pretty big walls around my heart and sometimes the Lord shows them to me and other times HE gently nudges me either with HIS Word or sometimes my actions will show me that the building is under construction and I better get to repenting! I have to say that those walls going up FELT very legitimate. I was wounded. I was broken. In some instances, I had even lost a relationship that I cared about deeply ~ a relationship that played a role in my life daily and now it was no more. Yes, I was wounded~ VERY WOUNDED. (Feelings should never be what I allow to lead me because they will most definately lead me astray.) But in my pain as I began building the walls around me ....protecting my heart and Not being willing to put myself out there for anyone.....I began to hear the Lord say

"Yes I know my beloved"
"Yes, I am so sorry that has happened"
"Yes, I know you miss that relationship"
"I understand Loren but, can I have it now?"

You see, I was carrying it. I was puting myself on the cross and not laying the situation at the feet of JESUS to bear my burden. WOW ......"can I have it now?" Our Father is sooo very PATIENT! Even when we attempt to be a junior Holy Spirit for ourselves! HE longs to to heal our broken hearts. HE longs to make us whole and get to the root of those feelings so that your relationships will be healthy in the future.

Yes L♥VE is Patient. The Lord L♥VES us unconditionally and is truly Patient with us EVEN when we attempt to build walls. He waits ~ He speaks to us through His Word and the Holy Spirit whispers....I know and I am so sorry but ....can I have it now?

What are you holding on to? Are you building any walls? The Lord is there for you PATIENTLY waiting to take the pain, to carry the burden and to heal you!

Thankyou Lord ~ for L♥ving me and for being sooo very patient with me. Thank you for helping me tear down those walls and be more of who YOU have designed for me to be!

Please go visit Marsha here and join this wonderful Pursuit of L♥VE



The Real Me!

I wonder sometimes why I wait so long to give it to Him! I know that I can cast ALL my burdens upon Him but yet I will try and exhaust myself by doing it myself.
Beautiful post my friend.
Big Hugs!


I, too have tried to protect my heart by building a wall around it.
Indeed, Marsha is an awesome lady.

PS: not sure if I told you, but i put a link to your blog on arise 2 write. Hope that is okay.


I know I can trust Him completely. Yet, there are times when I don't allow Him to destroy whatever walls I had put up around me.

"Can I have it now?"...Very powerful. I'm glad He doesn't ask just one time. Leaving here pondering. God bless and love to you sister in Christ.


Loren, this was soo good and so true for me too. I wish I had time to link up to this as I could share a few things for sure. But thank God for His patience with me...I've also thought how grateful that I am that He would even WANT any of my messes anyway. Thanks for sharing this, it has made me think this morning. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Debbie


Such a fantastic post.


Oh this is going to be so good. I am going to join in this for sure. Afterall it's all about love. Loving your new template BTW, oh and how do you insert the little hearts into your letters? Thank you for being so transparent, as always. Love!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

What a great and very timely post Loren! I am so thankful that God has been so very patient with me! I know it is only because He loves me so.

Thank you for this great message today.

Love to you - Beth



I love these very thought provoking questions that we should not only ask ourselves but our spouses as well. What a great conversation starter and one that definitely enhances our marriage bonds.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Wow Loren, if you have a wall around your heart now, I pray that I am around when it comes down. Wow!


What a great series to consider. Love is such a strong language and something that everyone, no matter what language they speak can understand.

Thanks for your thoughts on patience and for sharing this with us.

christy rose

I know Marsha. She is awesome! Loved this post Loren. We think we know what love is until we begin to truly know Love Himself and we realize that we were so very far away from the true meaning. God is Love. And in letting Him love us, we will be able to love us in the same way.

I love your new header and colors everywhere. Did Miti do all of that for you? She is still helping me out.


The Bible says we will be easily offended in these last days so for me I have to heavily sandbag the area of offenses with my sensitive Melancholy nature. (are you laughing????) You write today on a very important topic. I can't think of anything harder than to love. It draws me to Jesus like a magnet because my love is inferior but His that's magical to have and give away!


What a beautiful post, Loren. Yes, we do tend to build the walls when someone has hurt us and we like to 'battle it out' on our own. I have realized that I have to let go of some things that are out of my control, even a friendship. Even friendships sometimes only meant for a season.

Thank you for so much for sharing your thoughts on this topic.

Love & peace,


Loren, my dear fellow wall builder! Aren't you thankful He didn't come in with a gigantic wrecking ball and say, "This thing's coming down now!" He lovingly waited until we hit the wall and fell on our backs. It's then, while we're looking up we see Him reaching out to pick us up. And as you so beautifully said,'Can I have it now?' Then piece by piece He helps us dismantle the wall, lovingly dealing with each hurt that created the wall.

Oh we have such a patient and loving God!

Thanks for participating, Loren! I look forward to getting to know you better over the weeks to come.

Have a blessed weekend.

Warren Baldwin

Ironically, the best cure for a wounded heart is to love more. Yes, opening ourselves up to love risks even more hurt, but love again is the antidote. Shutting ourselves off from love so we can't be hurt more keeps us in a perpetual state of hurt. Your are right, the Lord wants to help carry the pain and heal us. Good post! wb

Steph T.

Needed this...thanks!


I had a really strong walls around my heart. so strong no one could get through. It left me lonely....even after He touched me....I couldn't take away those bricks...not until l faced the pain and allowed His love to break through. Great post...

Julie The Surrendered Scribe

Much needed post for me to ready today! I just love your blog. Blessings to you! Julie


I needed to read that more than I care to admit. "Can I have it now?" Ouch. Sadly, I have to stop & think about whether or not I'm ready to give up my walls.


Wonderful post Loren! Thanks for coming over and saying hi!


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