Friday, January 22, 2010


It's FRIDAYYYYYYYY :) Yes, I AM SOOO EXCITED!! Today, I get to stay home ~ No physical therapy ~ no appointments to be at ~ just me and my puppies and I plan to catch up with my bloggy friends and spend some serious quiet time with the Lord today.

It is also Friday Funny day which always makes for some laughs! Today Kim asked for "family funnies" and how very appropriate that is since I am going to share a video of Tyler. He is Jenna's boyfriend and they made this silly chicken cup video and we have laughed too many times. One day Tyler said you need to use that on your blog so here ya go! Hope you enjoy his silliness :0) Be sure to visit Kim for more funnies or maybe even join in with your own!!

Happy Friday


The Real Me!

Oh have mercy! I couldn't stop smiling at him! LOL! Chicken cups! Chicken prayers! Oy! Funny.
Big Happy Friday Hugs to you my friend.

And in case you are wondering why because you read "family funnies" today and I posted the Smother's Brothers, I actually said Family "Friendly", Funnies! But you go to the beat of your own drum my friend and that's why I love ya! LOL.
It's probably all the back reading you had to do to catch up! Hee! hee! You know I love ya girlfriend.

Cherie Hill

LOVE Friday! Boy isn't laughter the best medicine! Thank you for your comment on my is always SO difficult for me to write a "negative" review...but I just can't sit by and watch publishers and authors claim Christ while portraying something entirely different. This world is lost enough as it is!

Praying you have a super blessed day and weekend!
Love to you sister,


Comedian in the making? LOL. I'm glad you can rest today. That's what I'm doing, too. Just settled with my sweatshirt/pants/socks. Had lots of coffee already this am. Now, just visiting friends. Time with the Lord? for me, early this am. Then later again :) Have a restful day and may God bless and keep you always. Love to you sister. Have a great weekend.


What a hoot!! Thanks for sharing.


He is too funny! At least it's good, lighthearted fun, right? Happy Friday Loren and keep on laughing. It's good for the heart and soul.


He & Me + 3

That is too funny...Say their Chicken prayers. LOL

Warren Baldwin

Always good to see good kids having fun!


Hope you have/had a wonderful day with the pups!!
Blessings, andrea


lol, very funny.

Girly Muse

hahahahahaha, was already laughing hard, but when the spit comes, i totally lost it!!!! hahahaha

christy rose

That is hilarious! He has a gorgeous smile!

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