Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Funnies

Wow I am soo Happy to be back at Friday Funnies.... I've missed posting a funny :) Hope you enjoy this.....
The girls at physical therapy showed it to me and I knew it was JUST perfect for today! Enjoy and please go visit Kim for more laughs and have a blessed day ~ TGIF ~



Now that was hilarious...I totally enjoyed it. Her laugh was soo catageous. Thanks for this, I needed a good laugh. Have a great week-end. Blessings, Debbie

The Real Me!

Oh LOREN!!!! I laughed SOOOOO hard at this. In fact it totally reminded me of ME! My husband was in another room and thought I was watching video of me. Because I laugh like that. Also my husband has a tendency to fumble his words and when we watched this it totally could have been he and I standing there because that would have been the outcome! Oh big laughs my friend. Thank you thank you thank you!
Happy Friday


How come it is nerve wracking anyway when we say the wedding vow? Is it because we're excited or we're just scared of what's to come??? hmmm...just kidding...Thank you for the laugh! Have a great weekend sister and love you and keeping you in prayers always...God bless...I'm glad you're having a fun time while at therapy :)


Very funny, lol

Warren Baldwin

Ah, a case of the nerves. I just had a bride put the ring on the wrong hand of her husband. It was too small and she couldn't get it on, so he starts pushing on it. I take that as an opportunity to say, "You know, you can put it on the other hand" and someone in the audience yells out, "You're putting it on the wrong hand!" So he puts it on the ring finger of his left hand and still can't get it. So he says, out loud for all to hear, "Dang it (but he said the real thing), I can't get it on!" I wish that was on tape!

Kathy C.

Oh Loren...all I can say is "what Kim said"...I SO thought of Kim when I watched this, LOLOLOLOL...
Love Warren's story, too! :)

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