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Spiritual Sundays

When I was 30, I was married and had 3 kids. Two were "ours" and then my stepdaughter was just like mine from the beginning because she was 2 when I came into her life. I fell TOTALLY in love with her and have never known a difference but I always feel I should clarify that because I never want to take place of her mother. I grew up with a stepmom (or 2) and it is always something that was clarified for me so anyway.... :) this is far from the point.

I had always been a stay at home mom and lived in a safe quiet circle of Christian friends and people. It was at this point that I began going to beauty college to get a cosmetologist license and OH MY was my mind blown away. I was in a school with a group of people from all walks of life. But every morning I would stand outside of my car, I would literally do this exercise......I would act like I was zipping out of my body and from my head to my toes I would zip all the way down, I would step forward, and then zip all the way back up saying "Lord, I walk out of myself and walk into your Spirit, may YOU lead and guide me and my Words and may these people see YOU and YOU Only" I was in a mission field to say the least. But you know what the biggest comment I heard while there.....

"You read the Bible Loren, WHY???? It is so irrelevant today!!! Honestly I was AGHAST! and overtime I saw that these people I was going to school with on a daily basis were broken wounded people who needed JESUS. Some were drug addicts, some were dealing with homosexuality. Some were still just kids living in a home who just didn't want to go to church or be among what they called "those hypocrites."

As i was in the Word this week and in reading specifically about this particular book here is what it says:

This book describes the characteristic social conditions of his day: corrupt leaders, unstable family life, widespread immorality, class hatred, and poverty. Though people continued a form of worship, idolatry was more and more accepted and the priests were failing to guide the people into ways of righteousness. In spite of the darkness of these days, he holds out hope to inspire his people to turn back to God.

This book is about people who needed to hear the love of God, a God who wanted to tell them, and the unique way God chose to demonstrate HIS Love to HIS people.

I don't know about you, but this sounds ALOT like where we are TODAY, and not only that but also where the hearts of the people of today are. This book is in the Bible. It is HOSEA and was written in approximately 750 B.C.

I would encourage those who read this and think that the Bible isn't relevant to today.....please pick it up.....whisper a prayer to the Lord and ask for HIS Spirit to speak to you because GODS Word is ALIVE AND ACTIVE. It CANNOT return VOID!!

For other Spiritual Sunday post I also encourage you to spend some time HERE and read what others have to say or to share about our Father and how HE demonstrates HIS Love to each and every one of us....TODAY




Hi Loren, I love the image of zipping and zipping and putting on Christ....Nice. Sarah


Oh, yes and amen, Loren. So very well said and formed...words of The Spirit flowing here.

I worked for seven years at a Salvage Yard (scrap cars/auto parts/metals, etc.) doing the bookkeeping and secretarial duties, managing the office and such. I came in daily contact with so many character's but was never surprised by a one. I found myself praying in the same way for all of those that I'd come in contact with, still do but I remember in the years that I was in the ministry of MOPS at church and seasons changed, when I began driving the bus - my mother was worried for me because she thought I'd not had the experience of the world. She had forgotten all of the many years that I worked at the Salvage Yard in comparison to the four at church.

I am a soft heart but very strong in The Lord. Your post reminded me of the conversations that my mother and I had a few years ago. She had strengths in areas that I do not and I have it more so in others.

See...I get off subject too :)

Great post, Loren.

Marsha's Mpressions

Loren, it's so true. Things don't really change too much.


Amen, beautifully said.

Warren Baldwin

You are right, you were a missionary in that beauty shop. This is such a good story to remind Christians that every where we go we are missionaries! And such a good point about the contemporary relevance of the Bible. Good post.


I couldn't have said that any better. Your post is so real and so true. Thanks for sharing. Have a bless weekend!!

He & Me + 3

I don't know what else to say except that I loved this post. So true...the Bible is relevant today and always.


I got saved because I discovered that Jesus loved me, but I fell in love with Him by reading His word. All these years later, I still am amazed at the relevance of the word. When I'm struggling with something and I'll just happen :) to come across a scripture with the answer in it. Thank you for a wonderful reminder that we are ambassadors for Christ.


I know exactly how you felt. I grew up in the country on a farm, then went to college in Denver... art college! :) I didn't fit into the 'artsy' crowd at all. But God blesses us through those times, doesn't HE?

*LOVE* God's word... it is always inspiring and always relevant!

Love & Blessings,


This was a great post and I loved your illustration about zipping into your full armor of Christ as you went into that beauty school. I am sure you made a big impact on those poor people, no matter what they may have said about your reading the Bible etc. It is so sad when people make remarks such as that when it just couldn't be further from the truth. Praise God you are allowing Him to shine His light. Blessings, Debbie


Such a good post, Loren. It is so sad that so many people today think the Bible is irrelevant. Many think that if there is a God he is irrelevant and doesn't really care what we do. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry.
Blessings to you and your family.


Wow! Good stuff here Loren. Your story is moving and clear. Many need to hear what you are saying here. Thank you for this good post.


Amen to this Loren. How wonderful that even at a young age of 30 (yes that's young), you had the maturity to stick to your beliefs. And yet you saw your classmates as people who needed Jesus. It is hard to be different, especially when younger but we are different. My heart aches for so many people I know and love who still don't have that personal relationship with the Lord.

May He use us as His willing servants to love and share with them.



Loren, I would be in shock if someone ask me why I read the Bible. You may have reached people in need and not even known. You are a blessing and I am sure those that you come in contact with know it and feel the Love of GOD in you. Thank You for sharing. Love you, Audrey

Walking on Sunshine...

More and more the Bible becomes the most important thing in my life. Great post!


Hosea is a beautiful illustration of God's love and second (and many) chances! I like your illustration of "putting on Jesus" as you entered the workplace. That's a good piece of advice for all of us. A beauty shop is a great place to find Jesus and encourage others in faith. I can see how you would shine there, my precious friend!


Good point, Loren, the book of Hosea is an interesting one to read. An author, Francine Rivers, wrote a Christian fiction novel based upon Hosea, and it became a best seller. I loved it! The title is Redeeming Love. See if you can check it out from your local library or pick up a copy from most any bookstore. It'll be worth your time. Let me know if you like it.


"Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds" ~ I've been glued with this in your header for a while, digesting specially the word "spur"....Your post just did that with me...It may not be easy, but to know that I have friends who will be there as we press or move on [forward], the burden will not be heavy anymore as it seems.
Thank you for inspiring us with your heartfelt posts. Love you sister Loren and my guests are having a wonderful time but I'm not!!! So pls. pray for me. I've been praying for the Lord to just let His love cover me and my family and do everything for His glory...always...Blessings.

Jane (Frugal Fine Living)

Loren, I have heard so many times from people that the Bible is not relevant today. However, upon a closer look, often times I saw it was because they didn't want to give up control of their life to anyone...including God. Yet they had made a mess of their life doing it their way!

I am glad you were able to impact others for Christ by answering that one simple question, i.e., Why do you read the Bible?



I want to echo everyone's sentiments, Loren! Particularly, I'm intrigued by your loving exercise. This is a Life Tool I'd like to adopt!

May you enjoy and blessed new week!



So good, Loren! I agree completely, It has always been about sharing the love of the Father to a beaten, broken, lost world, and it still is.:)

Hope you are doing well, friend!

A Little Of This And That

The children's song from long ago said, "This litte light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine."

We need more who do just that.

Elizabeth Mahlou



Loren, I loved your verse taken from the Bible. If the place wouldn't have been stated, it sounded like it would have come straight out of today's news! Isn't it amazing how timeless the Bible truly is? Hopefully you were an inspiration to those around you in your class. Perhaps that was God's plan, to put you where you were, for His purpose! Thank you for sharing!

Diva Kreszl

Thank you for sharing this wonderful post today...I do indeed agree that we need God's Word now more than ever! I am a leader for our church's high school fellowship program and I can't tell you how much teaching the Bible to them has helped them navigate through their teen years! If they can find relevance in His Word we as adults certainly should be able to. Thank you for your prayers for my sister, she is feeling much better this week and has gained strength, hopefully enough to see her through her next chemo and radiation treatments.


Thank God for His wonderful Word that endures forever.

Steph T.

Thank you so much for asking about praying for Lori! Yes! I actually went to her blog and explained Lori's story a little and asked her to pray. I love it and believe every prayer sent up make a difference! Thank you so much for doing that!!

christy rose

Awesome Post Loren!! The Word of God is alive and powerful! And is active and at work ready to accomplish that which He was set in motion to accomplish. Amen!

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