Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Are you still teachable?

As I sat having coffee with friends yesterday it just amazed me how we were all going through or should I say, God was "dealing" with each of us in a similar manner. Each of us had been repenting from "pride," "selfishness," "allowing our flesh to win instead of walking in love." I love these friends, why? because every time I am with them I am encouraged to be less then I (my flesh) am and MORE of what God wants me to be!

As a group, with our husbands we have all been on the same path for many years now. We have all fought HARD for our marriages but through Christ we WON

We have all ministered together and have seen the hand of God move through each and every one of us. When certain people said it wouldn't work we cried out to the Lord and through HIM..... it DID

What I love about our friendships is that first, Christ is the Head. Along with that, you have a group of people who are firm believers that God is the Same Yesterday, Today and Forevermore but that HE loves us way to much to leave us where we are and is forever changing us from glory to glory. God desires for us to remind HIM of his Word. He watches over it to perform it! Isn't that AWESOME

I'm going to take a rabbit trail here for just a minute :) so bear with me....When I did hair, I had a customer who came in, an older gentleman who had been in my church at the time for years and years! He had made 3 moves with the church from when it began on Main Street to the Huge building it is today standing on a very busy corner. But he would come in and EVERY SINGLE TIME he would share the story with me about how the Lord saved him back in 1964. Everytime I would ask him what the LORD was doing today? You see, I loved this old man dearly and never meant anything bad by asking this question but what I am trying to say today is the same thing I was trying to say then. God wants to move in our lives NEW and FRESH today and EVERYDAY!

What we have to ask ourselves is this ~ Have we allowed pride to get in our way of growing in HIM? I have.
Have we allowed other things to become more important the HE is? I have.
Are we still teachable? Do we still desire to learn everytime we come before our Heavenly Father (in prayer) or read HIS Word?
Are we allowing God to increase as we (our flesh) decrease?

Yesterday as we girls were ending our fellowship time and going on about our lives we gathered together and prayed as we normally would but we all were crying out for the Lord to use us to Love those who hurt us, to die to our flesh and love our enemies as HIS word so clearly tells us to do, to walk according to the Power of the Holy Spirit and for people to see God in us.

As I went throughout my day and into the evening I was able to share with my daughter some of how the Lord is dealing with me. And how when we confess and repent from being prideful and/or selfish it isn't easy but that in doing it, that it feels so much better than the feeling of living life knowing that you are far away from your Father or having to do things in your own strength. Because, I know this ~ If I am not teachable on a daily basis ~ my kids will miss out on the blessing of seeing Gods hand move daily in the lives of this home. Teaching, Moving, Loving, Giving Grace and Mercy, and Disciplining those HE Loves.

Love and Blessings



Good thoughts--excellent in fact. Thanks for writing this. I went to bed last night laughing and I'm sitting here this morning smiling about your comment on my blog that you missed me and CLARA! LOL


I know how precious it must be to find sisters and friends like that who are truly following the Lord in all of their ways. It is a big blessing to be sharpened by true friends. And it's hard to find gems like that even from church and I'm saying that from my own experience. I'm happy for you sister Loren that you have those kind of friends who are there no matter what kind of weather. But even better, when you are facing the worst storms, they are always ready to bend their knees and fold their hands, no matter how long it takes.
You are so right about being teachable that must start from us first, as parents, for if we are not, then our family will surely miss the blessings of what God intends to give when we are obedient. It's a daily process of surrendering and confessing. And that's what I want, is for the Lord to remove any hindrances in my path. I still cause myself to stumble...God bless you and have a wonderful day sister. Love you in Christ.

the girl in the green scarf

Great post, you made me wonder some things and your words made some things so clear in my life...Thank you!.God bless!


Loren, I love this open and honest post of yours. Thank you for sharing it with your blogging sisters. I loved how you wrote about how you joined together and prayed. I so want to always have a teachable spirit. Too often we get filled with lots of Bible knowledge in our heads and can become prideful. But it's transferring to our hearts and then obeying it in our daily walk; that's key. Allowing the Lord to sit on the throne of our hearts each and every moment. My flesh gets in the way too often.

I also loved your honesty with your daughter. As she sees that you are continuing to learn and confess, she's learning valuable lessons.

Blessings and love,

He & Me + 3

How awesome for you to have christian women and friends to meet with and keep you encouraged & also to keep each other accountable. I agree, we need to remain teachable..obedient to His word.


Loren, Beautiful Post... How wonderful to have Sisters in Prayer... To share your life with and Pray with. What a blessing. Much Love, Audrey

Warren Baldwin

This was so good - what is the Lord doing in our lives TODAY! Do we really believe in a fresh inbreaking of the Lord at any and all times? That is what faith is about. Good post.


I have to agree with Rosel. Friendships like the Godly ones you have are to be treasured. And to share so vulnerably with your kids is beautiful. There is a lot of Jesus in you and your family. I hope I am always teachable; the pride thing will block so much growth!


You are inspiring more people than you know. I love your honesty and openness.
I mean Charlotte


This is a great post. There is nothing like the unity of friendships. I am so very thankful for those the Lord has sent my way to remind me that He moves fresh in my life every day. Thank you for that reminder today!

Beautiful pear tree lane

Hi Loren,
Wow! i don't know where to begin, what a powerful. awesome post. How blessed you girls are to have each other, i was so touched by you telling of your friendship and what you all have been through together and how you all have been there for each other.
I appreciate the fact that you took the time to be so honest and upfront with your daughter, not many parents are doing that now.May the Lord continue to bless you as you minister to your family.

Thank you for coming by and for leaving such a sweet comment, and I am thrilled to put your name in the hat for my giveaway.
Blessings, ad hugs,

Apron Senorita

Hi Loren, thank you for sharing. I try to remember the power of Holy Spirit when I'm in need or my kids are stressed out. I admire your faith.



An awesome post today! Thank you for reminding us of these things.



This was powerfully awesome sweetie.

E @ Scottsville

Beautifully written --- and I must say, I wish I had a circle of girlfriends like that in my "real life". I definitely have them in the blogworld, but not so much in real life.

christy rose

Loren, What a wonderful and honest post! I love how you share what God is doing in your "today" all of the time!! And sharing it with your daughter just makes it more real to her! Showing your transparency and teachableness will transfer that character into her life as well. I remember that happening to me with my mom when I was a teenager.

You are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends who can sharpen each other in the things of the Lord! Godly friends are not easily found and should be cherished as a valuable gift from the God! He is good!

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