Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Daybook

December 1, 2009

FOR TODAY... from Loren's Daybook

Outside my window... sunny and cold

I am thinking... how strong my Dad is despite the news he was given yesterday. From his Dr. "If this chemo doesn't work, we have exhuasted all measures and have nothing else to try. If this chemo doesn't work you have 1-3 months left."

I am thankful for... The Holy Spirit my Comforter

I am wearing... pajamas

I am remembering... driving across the States when my dad moved from Ok to Calif. the day after I graduated. What a long 3 days it was but we had so much fun!

I am currently reading... Healing Sands, Jesus Lives, and The Sherriffs' Surrender ~ all review books

I am hoping...that Dad will find another hospital to take him like MD Anderson or Cancer Treatment Centers of American and that Kat is feeling better and that Melissa is gaining in her platelets as I type and feeling better with each and every minute that passes

On my mind... Life

Pondering these words... All I want is the truth....My words and prayer for yesterday. I certainly got it!

From the kitchen... White chili in the crockpot. Never had it before and sure hope we like it

Around the house..decorating for Christmas

One of my favorite things~No matter how sad I am, or how bad life can be sometimes.....I love how my husband can always make me smile or laugh. Thanks honey for your love and support

From my picture journal...

I wrote my Dad a tribute this summer and read it to him before we hung it. My family if you can see is watching via SKYPE on the computer to my left. It was a beautiful moment for all

Love and Blessings and thanking you all for your prayers


christy rose

Loren, I am continuing to pray for your dad today!!


Oh Loren I love these posts as they give us such a glimpse into the hearts of others. I will pray for your dad. My stepdad was told LAST Nov. that he had 4 to 6 months at the most. He is STILL going strong and does not even appear to be sick. He is 85 and chose not to do the chemo which they told him wouldn't cure him anyway (lung cancer) but "might" prolong things. At 85 he felt he'd just see what the Lord might do. Sometimes you just never know what the Lord has in mind for someone. Have a good week Loren, and thanks for the prayers for little JD. Blessings, Debbie

Warren Baldwin

Joining with you and many others in prayer for your dad. I know how tough this is (my mom). I am so glad you have the level of faith you have. May God bless your dad, you and your whole family.


Simply Heather

The minute I received your note, I lifted you all up and with each reminder that The Spirit places within throughout the day - rest assured that you are covered, and your dad, Loren. I found a sense of peace as I read through your daybook notes, even though I know that you're probably not feeling it very well right now. I could have just cozied there right beside you...your environment when writing this just sounded so inviting to me.

And the photo of you with your dad...{hand over heart}...touched me.

Love, a warm hug and prayers for you today.


Loren, I am continuing to storm the heavens for both you and your Dad. I pray GOD will open each door and make a way where there seems to be none. I pray for strength and comfort as you and he face each new day.
Blessings, hugs, and prayers, andrea

PS: If you talk to Kat...give her my love. I sent her an email.

Steph T.

I sent you an email...also..let me know how you liked the white chili...see if you have a better recipe. I just used the one on the back of the Williams was ok..I added green chilis to it.

Beth E.

I am praying for your dad, thanking God that HE has the final say...not the doctors!

Blessings to you,

E @ Scottsville

Oh, I'm praying that this round of Chemo DOES work for your daddy. *sigh*



Loved the new look...A great reminder that Jesus is Immanuel - "God with us."

Praying that through this difficult trial, it would be a great opportunity to demonstrate God's awesome power and always bring glory to Him! "Father always knows best..." May His love, strength, healing, comfort, wisdom and other spiritual blessings cover you, your dad and the whole family. Love to you.


What a beautiful moment for you and your family that you were able to capture! I am so happy you have such a supportive husband to be there for you! I continue to think about your dad and am praying for him all the time!!
♥ Jennifer

He & Me + 3

White chili is my fav. We had that on Sunday. I want the truth too...even when it hurts. Better to know.
Praying for your dad.


I am sending many prayers up for your dear dad, love you.


Loren, continuing to pray for your dad. Praying peace and strength to you. BTW, love the Christmas blog design!

Just Be Real

Prayers to you dear one. ((((hugs))))


Praying for your dad Loren, and for comfort for you and your family.

White chili is SO GOOD! think I'll make some too. :)

I sent you and email. Thanks my friend!
Cute Christmas layout!

Sassy Granny ...

What a beautiful mixture of the mundane, the worrisome, and the festive. It's poetic, yet it gives a clear view into your heart.

Blessings, prayers & hugs,

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